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Festivals and Events - 2000

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Avet TerterianA look ahead:
Berlin, Januar 21, 20001: Festival Ultraschall:

Avet Terterian's 3rd Symphony!

More information on Avet Terterian at

Sainkho November 2000: Sainkho and Yat-Kha on tour

Sainkho is touring in Great Britain together with Yat-Kha in November.

More information at CNM-Tours!

Oktober 20 - 22, 2000
Donaueschinger Musiktage

Compositions by Peter Ablinger, Vito Acconci, Mark Andre, Pierluigi Billone, Andreas Dohmen, Stefano Gervasoni, Vinko Globokar, Joerg Mainka, Olga Neuwirth, Chris Newman, Brice Pauset, Peter Ruzicka, Thomas Schulz, Wolfgang Schuricht, Martin Smolka, Manos Tsangaris, Michael Wertmueller and others..

Der gerettete Schatz der Armenier aus KilikienSeptember 3 - November 12, 2000

Der gerettete Schatz der Armenier aus Kilikien

An exhibition at the Moritzburg Museum, Halle, Germany
in cooperation with the Worldconference of armenian studies, Armenia 2000, September 2 - 10, 2000

read more on it in german language at the Armenia-Pages here at Avantart

August 5, 2000

closing date for entries for the composition contest of the Donaueschinger Musiktage

The Jury: Sylvain Cambreling, Klaus Huber, Frederic Rzewski, Mathias Spahlinger and Armin Koehler. More details at the WebSite, look for: "Foerderpreis":

July, 1: Paris Concert of 4'33" open air at the Mairy of the 3rd Arrondissement.

One Second Hand

Toulouse, Festival Garonne

23.06: in the "Cinematheque de Toulouse", 4'33'' will be performing a silent movie - live music of "House on the Trubnaja square" by Boris Barnett (music of A. Aigi)
24.06: concert of 4'33"' for the opening of Festival Garonne, together with the National Chamber Orchester of Toulouse
27.06: concert of 4'33" in the church Saint-Pierre des Cuisines
28-29.06: Sasha Pepelyaev's "One Second Hand"

Alexej Aigi

Alexej Aigi and 4'33 at Festival Passages in Nancy

a quiet dayApril 12,2000:

a day for silence.

International campaign against Noise Pollution

I hope for success

organised by League for the Hard of Hearing, New York

Empfehlungen für einen ruhigen Tag (german language)
Taktlos Festival, Switzerland

Basel, April 6 - 8, 2000
Zürich, April 7 - 9,2000 many old friends and good music!
and: Charles Hayward!!    more information

11 Betrachtungen über merkwürdige Dinge (in german language)

Solo-Conzert at the Museum of Ethnography, Hamburg
March 26, 2000

Heinz-Erich Gödecke
Klangzone (in german language)

March 23 and 24, 2000
2 days of Jazz and New Music in St. Johannis

Improvisations and compositions for organ, gongs, trombone, piano and drumset

Zwischen den Welten
16. - 25. März, München
7.International Festival of Contemporary Dance
Cloudgate Dance Theatre aus Taiwan
Two of the Festival Ensembles: Theatreworks from Singapoor and Cloudgate Dance Theatre from Taiwan, two ensembles which performed very successfully at the Sommertheater Festival in Hamburg already. I introduced these ensemble at my Dance Pages in the last years.

The WebSite is an esthetic and visual deseaster, but you can find the festival program there, if you have good nerves and are in good mood. It's a pity, the Festival and it's website do not fit....

Dieter Schnebel 70

March 11- 14, and April 8, 2000, Berlin

A festival to honor Dieter Schnebel's 70th birthday:
conzerts, audiovisual actions and performances, an informal service, collages, symposion etc.
In cooperation with Podewil, Philipp-Melanchthon-Gemeinde, Institut für Neue Musik, Musikschule Kreuzberg, Hochschule der Künste, gelbe Musik.

Skulptur 2000March 3 - August 27, 2000:

one more time: Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000, this time in Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Invalidenstraße 50 - 51
more information at the webpage of the Kunsthaus Zürich

Skulptur 2000 belongs to the most fascinating sculptures I ever saw


Festival for New Music
January 21. - 30, 2000
organised by DeutschlandRadio Berlin and Sender Freies Berlin

don't miss:
Januar 25, 20:00 Kleinen Sendesaal:
Portrait-Concert Frangis Ali-Sade with the wonderful solistin Natalia Pshenitchnikva, flute
Epilogue in german language

Skulptur 2000until january 16, 2000:

Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000 im Kunsthaus Zürich

one of his most fascinating works