Erevan is one of the oldest towns of the world (782 bc.)
Erevan is a young city full of memories
Erevan is ugly and beautiful

Erevan, capital of  Armenia
At the first glance, Erevan is not a beautifull city. Nearly no buildings are older than 80 or 90 years. The houses are built of grey or reddish Tuff, so they have a vey monotone appearance.

But nearly everywhere there is a view of the Ararat and the mountains south of Erevan. That comforts the soul.

A tour of the city
Scetches from Erevan
Republic SquareNear the central station

The square near the trainstation with the monument of the armenian hero David from Sassoon and the Republic Square give an impression of the generous town planning. The city was sculpted after the plans of Alexander Tamanjan since the 20s..

Entrance of Paradjanov Museum Interieur of the Museum

Only few old houses are left over and buildings like the Paradjanov-Museum, restored very carefully, are situated very close to big houses, lost in tristesse.

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Erevan - a tour of the city
scetches from Erevan

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