Geghart Monastery, the church in the rocks
a celestial voice: Anna Mailian
sacrificial lambs and pagan whishing trees

Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery

This is a holy place. Nature, spirit and belief are one.

Since the 4th century, monks lived here, their cells cut into the rock. Until today you can experience the sublimity of this retreat.

Inside Kathoghikeh Church The churches and the monastery date from the 13th century. In that time, two churches, chapels, a crypta and a forecourt were cut into the rocks, in the same perfection as the main church Kathoghikeh.


entrance to the chapel

After passing a dark corridor, we reached the oldest chapel, cut in the rocks. This chapel is approximately 8 metres square and has 4 columns which support the a cupola, which is nearly 9 m high.

This room is breathtaking. Every visitor is touched by its quiet and spiritual athmosphere. The sun illuminates the room through a decorated opening in the roof with transcendent light.the window in the roof

Here Anna Mailian and Heinz-Erich Gödecke played, inspired by this athmosphere.

Listen to Anna's wonderful soprano, accompanied by HE Gödecke, trombone and didjeridoo, recorded in this wonderful place.

September is the month of thanksgiving and sacrifices. In Armenia people sacrifice grapes and sheeps. the way to the slaughter placeSo it is no wonder that there you find a special place for sacrificing the creatures at the monastery.A sheep sacrifice

In my eyes, this ritual shows some pagan elements, and the wishing tree nearby proofs my impression as well:

whishing tree

the armenian belief is very strong, earthbound and without breaks,
a long spiritual line from former times to our present.

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