An invitation to an exhibition was sent to me, an announcement, which, by it's format and design, made me curious:
a small folder, accurately sealed, the opening an esthetic delight:

 Andreas Kattner, H.A. Rose, J. Quinn

present their work from June, 10 to June, 30, 1999.

Andreas Kattner presents wooden sculptures and he offers questions. The responses develop to integrative parts of the exhibition.

Hans Anton Rose presents paintings, not too small (!!), which were created during the works on yoghurt advertisement.

Jonathan Quinn presents the b_box, a mobile space-intervention, which is able to isolate it's content optically.

margarethenstraße 71 - 73
tür eins, erdgeschoß
A-1050 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 548 23 67

If you have 208 kb spare time, open the folder!