Snow White and the Madness of Truth

Last winter we were all witness to an art scandal. An Israeli ambassador's attack on the installation "Snow White and the Madness of Truth" (artists: Gunilla Sköld Feiler and Dror Feiler) quickly became a world event that took on a life of its own. At the height of the controversy, Google yielded 128,000 hits related to it.

Now the media coverage has faded away and the ambassador has long returned home. Gunilla Sköld Feiler, one of the two artists involved, recaps and interprets what happened.

Dror Feiler is a very good friend of mine, an even better musician and a very serious peace activist. That's why this event concerns me even more and that's why I publish this text here:

Gunilla Sköld Feiler: Who is Snow White?

Walther Kahl:

Der Abend der Arrivierten,

the actual situation of modern art. (in german)

Oleg Dergachov, Lviv, UkraineOleg Dergachov

Lviv, Ukraine

Kazuo Katase: WinterreiseKazuo Katase:

"Winterreise" in Lübeck

May - July 1998


Davaj, young russian art,
an exhibition in Berlin 2001
(in german)

getting closergetting closer
a riddle

December 1997:
Barnett Newman's painting
was attacked again

Hans Anton Rose, Maler

Hans Anton Rose,


Museum für
of modern art, Antwerp

No Art at Documenta X

1997: The documenta (NI)x - Art Award
and A polemic Documenta-Report

Paper Art 7PAPER ART 7
Düren, 6.9.98 - 6.12.98

Paper Art 7

Music on the water
Music on the water

an Installation by
Ilya Kabakov

Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000
Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000
An Exhibition in Berlin

Walter de Marias Musik
(in german)