Kazuo Katase, Räume der Gegenwart:

In the time from May 24 to July 5 1998, the Overbeck-Society in Lübeck presented an installation by the japanese artist Kazuo Katase Kazuo Katase (born 1947 in Shizuoka).

Let me citate from the installation leaflet:

His (K.K.'s) "Ort-Räume" pose questions on time and timelessness, leaving the perception far behind. Existence in this world is polarised into the slanting angle of transition and sinking, the meaning of arche-types is interrogated and intensified to new experiences. Form keeps its secret.

Kazuo Katase:

I see the principle of reality in polar contrasts, not exluding themselfes, my aim is existencial thinking, based in the origin of the world. Death and Life belong together.

... a small, slanting house, keeping its inner life secret, turns itself to a motionless swing, it's seat formed from wax...

this could be a description of the arrangement and the question raises: why?

But there is no need to describe at all, the room exists, the objects are there and they find their reason in themselves. Silence spreads around, immersed into light full of transparent secrets.

No question, it is like this.
The place is found.
You can leave.
Take something with you

St. Just gives us a farewell:

Let us invite
Nature and all
the Virtues to
our festivals.

I felt invited.
And accompanied.

Kazuo Katase created a wonderful space at the documenta X in Kassel 1997:
Ort-Raum Götternacht.
His spaces are presents to us.


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