Nocturne für Papier
Nocturne für Papier
Nocturne für Papier
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Vladimir Tarasov - Nocturne for Papier

This installation needs it's time. The visitor must take time and concentration and open himself to what he sees and hears.

Tarasov is a master of silent sounds, let it be the dropping of water or the crisp of paper.

Paper and wind - two elements, which belong together. The wind bears the paper, moves it, gives him space and by this, sound.

The spectator hears the silent sounds, looks for a rest to catch the sounds and he finds the rest which is brought by the silent sounds. The game of shadow seems to be louder than the hiss of the small blowers or the crisp of the pages.

Artificial flash lights shows some technical details.
Vladimir Tarasov + Boris Groys

Unfortunately, this installation, which, like the paper walls of Quin Yufen, accented the tenderness and fragility of the paper, suffered under the lack of care of the curator (or the ignorance) who determined especially that room for the installation Nocturne for paperwhich was affected the most by the noise of the windmachine in the room of the young berserker Michael Petry.

Vladimir Tarasov and Boris Groys

Clouds of confetti, spit into the air by M. Petry, and the roar of the machines intrude this installation, plug the blowers, disturb the calm, destroy the work.

An installation, already destroyed on the opening day by the curators themselves, that's no recommendation for PAPER ART in Düren.

Tarasov declared the installation closed, destroyed the very first day, and the visitors which will come to this room during the three months of the exhibition, will catch merely the charm of it.

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