Joop van Brakel

Joop van Brakel As you know already, if you read through my pages, I have a certain relationship to the artists which I present on Av@antart:

They are my friends, we worked together, we enjoyed concerts, performances, tours...

so surely you are not surprised when I tell you that Joop van Brakel is one of my favorite artists and friend.

I met Joop van Brakel for the first time when he performed at my place, at Akzente in Wiesbaden, in 1983. He performed TIED ROPE RITE on the same evening as Tadashi Endo performed the first time there. It was a great evening.

Joop performed a second time in Wiesbaden with the RANDOM ENSEMBLE and I was lucky to see GOOD GRIEF some times. It's my strong whish to bring him to the Kukart Festival at Interstudio in Puschkin. Some day in the future...

Joop van Brakel
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