Oleg Soulimenko with the SAIRA BLANCHE THEATRE, Moscow

SAIRA BLANCHE THEATRE gives weekly improvised performances in the Creative Centere «Stylobat», Moscow, since 1992 In February 1993, SAIRA BLANCHE THEATRE opened the first Moscow Contact Improvisation Club in the Creative Centre «Stylobat»


Fate Carriers Technical Engineering University, April - May 1990, Moscow
Dance Performance on international exhibition «Art Mif - 2», Manege, October 1991, Moscow
Series of Performances at 1st Festival of Contemporary Art, November 1991, Smolensk
Culture Caravan, performance series together with musicians and dancers from Europe, July - August, 1992, Berlin - Moscow - Vjakta - Irkutsk - Ulan-Bator
Improvisation Structures, Festival of Experimental Movement Theatre «Vevary '93», May 1993, Moscow
Some Influence at International Multimedia Festival «Kukart I», June 1993, Puschkin, St. Petersburg
The Needs of Organizm (Phase 1), Theatre «Baltic House», October 1993, St. Petersburg
Dance Performance at Festival «Day of Court», Pushkinskaya 10, June 1994, St. Petersburg
Dance Performance International Tour, Roccatederighi / Italy, Braunschweig (together with A. Warzner and K. Pohlmann), Potsdam, Hamburg
Body Slush Ukraina Culture Center, «Zoya», Port Club, January 1995, Odessa
The Needs of Organizm (Phase 6), festival «Work in Progress» (Neuer Tanz '95), Bühne WUK, June 1995, Vienna
Thirst, festival «Alternativa», May 1995, Moscow
Life is Life, project with D.O.C.H. Performance (Vienna), May - June 1966, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna
Look inside me, I don't know what you might see there, TOI-Haus, June 1966, Salzburg
Two Captains, School for New Dance Development, June 1996, Amsterdam
A Grain, 2nd International Festival of Dance and Movement at the Wolga, August 1996, Yaroslavl
Fantômas with Love (xa xa xa), project with LUX FLUX (Vienna), Contemporary Art Center, Baumann University, October 1996, Moscow, and Schikaneder Kino, January 1997, Vienna

Contact: Oleg Soulimenko
Yakornaya 3-57
Moscow 115407 Russia
Telephone:007 095 116 91 21
Fax: 007 095 316 02 04

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