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TADASHI ENDO developed his very special dance-style, which appears like a walk on the tightrope between eastern and western culture and between the arts Theatre, Performance and Dance. He calls it Butoh-MA.

 MA in Zen-Buddhism means emptyness as well as spaces betweens the things. Tadashi Endo visualizes these spaces in their very fine changes. The moments, when one figure changes to the next or one image changes to the next, with nearly invisible movements and a very strong tension, are more important to him than the representation of the figure or the image. This tension, which he radiates with utmost concentration and perfect posture, transforms his dance to a representation of still movement. His body rests, although he dances. He is not dancing - he is danced.


Choreography and Direction Dance-Performances Dance-Productions
Permanent Occu-pation A performance
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born in Beijing, China
with japanese nationality 

1973 - 76
study at the Max Reinhardt
Seminary in Vienna 

he met Kazuo Ohno,
since then continously cooperation 

Tadashi Endo 
Tadashi Endo  since 1982 Dance Performances with jazz musicians like:

 Toshinori Kondo, Aki Takase, M. Sato, Kozutoki Umezu, Steve Lacey, Conrad Bauer, Peter Kowald, Günter Sommer, Ulrich Gumpert, G. Gebbia, Heinz-Erich Gödecke a.o. 

at festivals in:

 Moers (82, 96), München (84), Willisau (85), Leipzig (85, 87), Leverkusen (87, 88), Salzburg (88), Uzès/Nîmes (90), Athens (93), Naples (93), Palermo (93), Puschkin / St. Petersburg (95) 

Dance-Productions, Soli
1989  "Erik-Satie-Project" with U. Gumpert (p)
1990  "Kami-No.Mai" with G. Sommer (perc.)
1991  "MA" (solo)
1991  "Ins Licht gestorben" Requiem-Project commemorating the 200. death of W.A. Mozart, Festspielhaus Salzburg, Franz Pillinger
1992  "Mamuish" with K. Murobushi and U.Kusanagi
1993  "Shiki" with P.Kowald, G. Gebbia
1993  "Quai Dan" (solo)
1996  "Das Testament" with G. Nevo and A. DeGroote
1996  "Tassogare" (solo)
1996  "Here and...." with G. Gebbia (sax)
1996  "Here and..." with Heinz-Erich Gödecke (didjeridoo, tr)
Tadashi  Endo

Tadashi Endo worked at different theatres: Junges Theater Göttingen, Deutsches Theater Göttingen, Staatstheater Hannover, Luisenburger Festspiele
1980 - 86 Director of the Theatre-Kooperative Nordheim" with productions: "Freßsack und die Berliner Stadtmusikanten", "Grün", "Krieg der Clowns" and "Hiaburi" 
1992 "Das Buch von Christoph Columbus" by Paul Claudel (Frankfurt/Main)
1992 "Metasequoia" with the MAMU DANCE THEATRE (MDT) 
1993 "Senro" with MDT
1995 "Minotaurus" with MDT and actors of the ensemble of the Junges Theater Göttingen


Head of the Butoh-Centrum MAMU in Göttingen/Germany
Artistic director of the MAMU-Festivals in Göttingen / Germany and Tokyo / Japan
Head and Chief Choreographer of the MAMU DANCE THEATRE

A translation from a performance announcement in Holland:
Saturday, June 1, the japanese Butoh-Dancer Tadashi Endo will be guest in the Westrand at Dilbeek. Tadashi Endo is director of the Butoh-Centre in Göttingen. His repertoire consists of Noh-Theatre, Kabuki and Butho as well as of traditional forms of western theatre. In this synthesis of worldwide traditions, Tadashi Endo crosses each borders. But: the basis theme of the Butoh-Dance like the raw loneliness, the black hole of existence and the withdrawn trance the starting points of his movements. In Dilbeek Tadashi Endo presents the belgian première of 'Testament', in which the butoh-dance-theatre is confronted with the music of Shostakovich and Messiaen in a brilliant way.
(I translated this from netherlands, if there are errors, please excuse.)

Tadashi Endo  Multiple Arts
Gabriele Endo, Gehrenweg 3, D-37130 Diemarden 
Phone:  +49 - 551 - 790 62 45
Telefax:  +49 - 551 - 794 457
E-Mail: endo@mail.mpiem.gwdg.de

Tour - Dates

Date Place Program
15.01.98 und 16.01.98 Klaffenbach, Wasserschloss Tadashi Endo mit Conny Bauer (P)
17.01. und 18.01.98 Rottweil Tadashi Endo mit Heinz Gödecke (TR, Didjeridoo)
16.02. bis 20.02.98 Konstanz Workshop Theaterwerkstatt
20.02. bis 24.02.98 Allensbach, Albatrosstheater Projektworkshop
27.02. bis 08.03.98 Berlin, Podewil NoTech-Performance-Workshop
01.03.98 Parchim Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
02.03.98 Jena Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
04.03.98 Cottbus Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
05.03.98 Meerane Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
07.03.98 Bautzen Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
08.03.98 Senftenberg Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
09.03.98 Wismar Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"
10.03.98 Dresden Tadashi Endo und Ulli Gumpert
"Eric Satie - Projekt"

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