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Vladimir Tarasov is composer.
Vladimir Tarasov is russian.
Vladimir Tarasov is art collector.
Vladimir Tarasov is jazz musician.
Vladimir Tarasov is cosmopolit.
Vladimir Tarasov is head of orchestras.
Vladimir Tarasov is solist.
Vladimir Tarasov is orchestra musician.
Vladimir Tarasov lives in Lithuania.
Vladimir Tarasov is a film composer.
Vladimir Tarasov is drummer.
Vladimir Tarasov is a friend.
Vladimir Tarasov is Vladimir Tarasov.

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Interview with Vladimir Tarasov
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The Chinese Project
Don Giovanni at INTERSTUDIO
The Sound of Yuri Sobolev
Nocturne for Paper, an installation at the exhibition PaperArt #7 in Düren
the hour of sad choices - Pushkin in New York, the Bitov Quintet
Vladimir Tarasov at the Frankfurt Festival Pol 4, 2000
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Vladimir Tarasov got known by his work in the Ganelin-Chekasin-Trio, he published Solo programs (ATTO I ... VIII) and he plays New Music in chamber- or symphonical orchestras. He came to the modern academic music and to sound-installation by playing Free Jazz and Improvised Music.

He performed with Andrew Cyrille, the ROVA SAXOPHONE QUINTETT, Butch Morris and he is head of the 'Lithuanian Art Orchestra'. He composes film- and theatre music (this together with Alfred Schnittke), he arranged 'Don Giovanni' at the Theatre-Academy INTERSTUDIO, he lives and works with friends from different arts.

Ilya Kabakov

There is an old friendship with Ilya Kabakov and one of their mutual projects was the Russian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale 1993, the most actual one is an installation in the Landeskulturzentrum Salzau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, which was opened in march 1996. This is historic irony: both are russian, but now Kakakov has an american passport and Vladimir a lithuanian one.

Listen to the first part of CD ATTO VI, "A little Piece for Children" in six parts, recorded 1991, dedicated to his son Peter.

Heinz-Erich Gödecke

He met Heinz-Erich Gödecke in 1992 at the 'Open Music-Festival' in St. Petersburg and in autumn 92 they performed together at the festivals in Arkhangelsk and Vilnius for the first time. They travelled together to China to perform at the JazzFestival Beijing 94 and to New York to perform at the Knitting Factory. Inbetween they are good friends and collegues.

A little Piece for Children Part I

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Since autumn 93 Vladimir Tarasov spent some time at the Stuttgart Solitude, he was invited and got a scholarship there, and he taught at the Columbia University New York.

2 years ago I had a long Interview with Vladimir, which got published in the JazzThetik. (Sorry, only in german language). Our first interview in Vilnius in autumn 93 led to a long debate about contemporary russian art, which he collects and 'stores' in his house. Today, we talk about music.

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The Whole is more than the sum of its parts

The theatre-Institute INTERSTUDIO in Carskoe Celo near St. Petersburg, lead by Juri Sobolev, who is member of the first generation of the unofficial russian artists and who realized the film The 634 bars of Vladimir Tarasov, and by Mikhail Khousid, one of the most renowned directors there, exists since some years now. In autumn 92, Vladimir Tarasov re-arranged a new version of DON JUAN here.

Puppet with Puppet

Moving stage figures, some meters high, by Galina Metelischenko (in german language only!), baroque decorations and then a play which is reduced to the format of small marionettes, frugal stage aesthetics and baroque excesses fit congenial to the stage music, which was written and/or arranged by Vladimir Tarasov.

Pieces from Atto VIII are mixed with citations from classical music. And integrated you find the Micro-Opera 15 Minutes with Don Juan, composed by Kit Powell, a composer from New Zealand, donated to INTERSTUDIO by the french director and dramaturg André Benedetto, head of the Avignon Theatre Festival.

This play worked out as successfull adaption of Polystilistic not only in a musical manner. It's not the incidental togetherness of different styles (multistilistic), it is the skilfull addition of different parts (polystilistic), which lead to an impressive result.

And once again you see the great talent of Vladimir Tarasov, to integrate his music in a Gesamtkunstwerk.

© Cornelie Müller-Gödecke, published in: JazzThetik, Zeitschrift für Jazz und Anderes, 11/93
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