Follow me to the KUKART III - Festival!!!!!

KUKART III KUKART III - a bi-annual festival, which takes place in Carskoe Celo (also known as Puschkin) near St. Petersburg, Russia, is organised by Interstudio.

A Programmatic Introduction to the festival, written at June 21, which will present us:

  • Theatre performances and Performances
  • Music
  • Media-Gallery: Video-Art and Visual Art
  • Have a walk or: Let's go shopping
    (2 slide-shows, which I realised during the festival in Carskoe Celo) or take part in The life of Andrej Blagov!

    Submarine Trash, a multi-media-project for KUKART III, by Christian Herrmann

    My personal festival diary , which introduces the festival like I saw it! After coming home, I wrote a short review of the festival.

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