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Wednesday, June 25

TOTART I visited two installations today: one of them was the Media-Gallery, built by TOTART and students of INTERSTUDIO.

The work of TOTART is remarkable, as the two artists work permanently together and they always present high-level works. I first saw some of their work at a joint exhibition in Smolensk in 1992, and from that time I didn't forget them.

Tranquilizing Memory Bogdan Mamonov introduced us to Aunt Fanny. His installation was like a consultation: you got an appointment, you are received and interviewed by the doctor and then you had to look through a stereophoto-apparat, which was constructed and used by one of his ancestors.

You are invited to take part in the family life at a russian datscha, 80 years ago and the peaceful spirit touches you.

The photo to the left is taken from his project: Tranquilizing Memory

Consultation Table stereo-projector

The festival is only 3 days now, but some friends have to part already: Jaccard-Schelling-Bertinelli are departing. Victor is laughing, but we are a little sad, too.

IGUAN Dance Theatre Later the day, the Iguan Dance-Theatre (St. Petersburg), presented a very agressive performance with totalitarian aesthetics.

At least, that's how I see it.

In the afternoon, Vladimir Tarasov performed ATTO IX for the first time in public after the premiere in Stuttgart 1993. The order of the pieces was decided by roulette, so you never knew before what will be played the next. V. Tarasov: ATTO 9

Espe Alma  Tadena Espe Alma Tadena (Switzerland) performed in the evening. I don't like this hysteric and excentric behaviour on stage, and the music was over-dramatized.

Once more, my personal opinion.

Some days later, she joined the night-jamsession and together with musicians like Tarasov or Gödecke, she sung just another music: free and improvised. Another quality.

The evening-program ended with a sound-performance by the group Robots.

In my ears, it was a noise-performance.

White, but noisy nights.


the next day

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