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Friday, June 27

Da-Net Theatre The Da-Net-Theatre (yes - no) from St. Petersburg presented Rehearsal of "Miss Julie" in the tradition of Boris Ponizovsky, the great theatre-mythologist and director from St. Petersburg.

Intensive dialogue and movement, even the requisites become vivid ... and even as my russian skills are very limited, I understood that the old controverse between woman and man took place.

Vladimir Volkov I spent some hours this day in the computer-room to present the computer-projects, but I didn't miss the concert of the European Music Trio (Tarasov - Volkov - Gödecke) in the afternoon.

Let me introduce you to Vladimir Volkov, the genious double-bass-player and friend!

Vladimir Volkov

Vladimir Resitzki Vladimir Resitzky, saxophonist from Arkhangelsk and festival organizer, didn't want to be photographed, but the day before he nearly ran into my camera!
Tatiana Didenko and Vladimir Tarasov were not so shy...

Tatiana is working for Moscow Television and she is the most important editor for avantgarde in the media in Russia.

Vladimir Resitzky
Tatjana Didenko + Vladimir Tarasov
Basta Street Theatre
Basta, street theatre from Amsterdam, showed an amusing performance outdoors

And there was Igor Baskin, an artist who worked out three really interesting thesis:
Conception of Igor Baskin's Personification

The second part "Personification of the name.
three important points of the program
(the words and the music by Igor Baskin)

  1. The artist's name is the main and the only creation of his life
  2. The name IGOR BASKIN - is the object, which owns aesthetic, physical and metaphysical qualities
  3. The ideal aim of the program is the personification of being or an absolute idea
By magical transmission (or just by pinning his name on everybody's clothes) he became the most dominant person this day.


the next day

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