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Saturday, June 28

This day also had his private sides: we walked around, took part in the carneval, I found an old tractor... let me show you this side of the festival as well!

We went to town this morning and enjoyed the carneval, which took place because of the local festival Puschkin - Gorod Mus , which means: Puschkin - town of the muses.

A summer fair in a small russian town:

music bands, theatre performances, girls dressed in historic robes and for me the most interesting:
a cake contest!

Sainkho Namtchylak Connie Müller-Gödecke
We enjoyed this fair, as you can see. Childhood comes back, birds of a feather just stick together!
Gödecke und Burman TriO

Later we met some more friends and the party continued.

This is another side of the festival...

Coil immersion heaters and rubber ears .... you gain a new personality!

Victor Platanov and old tractor Last festival we found the green submarine in the yard of our hostel,
this year Victor showed me an old tractor, located in a garnison - yard near the palace.
historic tractor
Let's have a multimedia - tractor - project next festival!

When we came back to the palace, art was waiting for us.

Lev Stepanov A beautiful red filled the left corner of the big hall, remaining from Lev Stepanov's performance the night before. This red was accompanied by a video monitor presenting some of his performings and by very loud, mechanical music (russian 'Einstürzende Neubauten').
Lev Stepanov
Here is one of his interesting paintings, too.

A very unconventional way to distribute art:
The Gallery Paletot from Moscow prefers direct marketing.

I bought a small painting by Shutov, a wellknown and renowned painter.

Gallery Paletot

3 days in the life of....
There is also an animated version (671 k) of this performance
A 2-year-long project found his end at KUKART III: Maria Perchikhina's performance 3 days in the life of Andrej Blagov, which took place at KUKART II 1995 (together with Tadashi Endo, Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Nikolai Palachenko and the assistance of many others).

In a solemn procession, the paintings were carried around the palace, then brought to the Master-Artist Yuri Sobolev, who added his confirmation. After this, Heinz-Erich Gödecke played a song for every painting, then they were packed away.

The last point of the program of this long day was a special concert: a jam session with Vladimir Tarasov, Aleksej Aigi, Vladimir Volkov, Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Lena Petroba and Slava Guyvoronski to celebrate Slava's birthday. It found an end, when some drunken artists joined the band.


the next day

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