Sunday, June 29

The last day of the festival and:

Vladimir Tarasov's 55th birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!

HE Gödecke
First Heinz-Erich Gödecke was asked to perform once more, so here is his second solo-concert.
INTERSTUDIO presented his new play: Bobo is dead. Forget my, Babylon.

A breathtaking performance: theatre, film, acrobatic movement, poetry ... you can find everything in it.

And then came the time for congratulation: Today is the day of Vladimir Tarasov's 55th birthday and the whole festival was programmed as a hommage to this great musician.

The choir from Northern Russia came to offer his whishes, beautiful young woman sang traditional songs and after that the Arkhangelsk-Ensemble (Vladimir Volkow, Slava Guyvoronski, Aleksey Aigi and Heinz-Erich Gödecke) entered the stage and joined him.

So this was the last event of the festival, and now there was time left to talk, but no more performances, dances, concerts, actions...

Let's prepare ourselves for the next festival: KUKART IV, 1999!

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