Kukart 5 - June 2001 - Call for Participation

INTERSTUDIO State Institute for Professional Development in Culture applies to you with the request for support in realisation festival KUKART - V in June, 2001.

Since 1993, INTERSTUDIO has been carrying out biennial KUKART festivals.
This festival is a unique phenomenon, which doesn't have analogues in Russia.
The international biennial festival ?UKART, held in the Tsar's Village (St.-Petersburg), arranges and investigates space of inter textual and synthesis - area, where the boundaries between the languages of drama, dance, puppet theatres, music, visual art, traditional and modern art are broken.

The KUKART's program consists of performances, shows, installations, exhibitions, video-art, and musical concerts.

The festival has the following objectives:

Sincerely yours
Art-director Yuri Sobolev
General manager David Burman

Please, contact us by:
Mail: 22, Sadovaya str., Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 196600
E-mail: interstudio@ata.neva.ru
Phone/fax: +7(812)465-5422

our actual website in russian and english language: www.ata.neva.ru/interstudio

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