The Institute of Innovative Programs for the Professional Development of Cultural Workers INTERSTUDIO

The Russian theatrical school in all its variations has a more then two-century history and rich traditions. It is recognized all over the world and rightfully might be called the national cultural patrimony. Today it is clear that the theatrical life of the new millenium will require considerable change in the structure of the theatrical process. Maintaining and supporting the integrity and coherence of the theatrical space and structural elements is becoming increasingly important. This requires an expanded approach to theatrical education, including professional development and retraining. INTERSTUDIO has been established as the base for the development of the innovative programmes and for filling the lacunas in the theatrical education, which are felt sharply in actual theatrical practice. INTERSTUDIO, embracing all elements of the contemporary theatrical process, will develop the following directions of activity:

retraining and professional development of: the cultural authorities' officers at all levels, that authorise the theatrical policy of regions and supervise theatrical activity; specialists in the sphere of the theatre legislation; specialists for new infrastructure institutions and new theatre departments (specialists in advertising, marketing, producing and agent activity); theatre journalists and theatre correspondents from the mass media; specialists in the sphere of informational technologies for theatre business (including specialists in computer stage, light and music design); theatrical middle administrative staff (stage managers, chiefs of theatre services and backstage staff etc.); professional development of actors (mastering different theatrical systems, principles of installation, theatre of synthesis and animation); professional development and review of theatre directors, designers, costume and light designers, representatives of other creative specialities.

INTERSTUDIO will fulfil its mission in the following ways:

professional development programs focused on the areas listed above; retraining programs (including post-graduate education); seminars, seminar-workshops, case-studies, master-classes and other forms of experience exchange.

INTERSTUDIO will work in a close co-operation with the cultural authorities and territorial employment services to assume retraining of theatrical specialists - both those unemployed and those who would like to gain a new theatrical speciality or profession in the cultural sphere. It will also undertake regular personnel monitoring. INTERSTUDIO will occupy it's own niche in the educational space of the cultural sphere. INTERSUDIO will develop new traditions and continue old ones - including the internationally recognised festival "Kukart," the development of the different innovative art projects combining theatrical production, exhibition, laboratory and research activities and resources and capabilities of the new informational technologies. INERSTUDIO will actively co-operate with the best academics and practitioners of the theatre business in Russia. It will also recruit into the educational process well-known foreign specialists, hold international conferences, seminars, master-classes and other co-operative actions. INTERSUDIO will develop innovative international activity, oriented to the collaborative projects, that call attention to national achievements and that create awareness in Russia of the world experience.

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