A graphic of Yuri Sobolev, 1993
A graphic from 1993

Born in 1928 in Moscow
Graphic artist, stage director, animated director,
theater performance director
In 1947 - 1953 student at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute

Curriculum Vitae Personal Exhibitions Group Exhibitions
His Works Vladimir Tarasov:
"Yuri Sobolev's Sound"

Vladimir Tarasov: "Yuri Sobolev's Sound":

I met Yuri Sobolev on the Jazz-Festival in Gorky in 1970. His art had a great influence on me, every meeting with him was a time of wonderful communication. It's always warm and comfortable in his house, where one could listen to the beautiful music, tastefully selected from the ocean of music which existed in 60-70s. And of course, all his works are endless, or endlessly musical, melodious, rhythmical and, above all, you always feel in them the presence of some state and energy which is not always heard, but rather felt in sound, better to say, between sounds. The sound of pause ... The sound of silence ... Yuri Sobolev is an Artist who never rushed about and never tried to open all doors of something which we call "the art". From the very beginning he opened the door which belonged only to him. He is an artist who is said to have a Good Sound, every work of him sounds good.
from: Yuri Sobolev, Grafika. Moscow Palette, Moscow, 1995

1956 - 1969 Team with Y. Sooster, including the fondation of an art cafe «Artisticheskoe» in Moscow in 1958
1959 - 1966 The artists V. Iankilevsky, I. Kabakov and E. Neizvestny joined the Sooster-Sobolev Group
1960 - 1980 Sobolev works a lead artist in the publishing house "Znanie", then in magazines "Dekorativnoe iskusstvo" and "Znanie - sila"
1967 - 1972 Art director of the cartoons: "Glass concertina" (together with Y. Sooster), "Butterfly" - director A. Khrjanovsky
1975 - 1992 Slide-film and audio-visual systems producer
1976 - 1978 Art director, including the restoration of S. Eisenstein's film "Long live Mexico", together wiht Gr. Alexandrov (Gold Medal of Moscow International Filmfestival)
1978 Member of the Graphic artists City Comitee.
1987 A participant of setting of the association "Hermitage" in Moscow
C 1980 Works as co-author, co-producer and co-stage director of the theatre together with M. Khoussid. Performances: "Post" (1981), "What happened after Rescue" (1984 -1987), "Faust" (1990), "Don Juan" (1992) and "Bobo is dead. Pardon me, my Babylon" (1996 - 1997)
1990 The fondation (together with M. Khoussid) of "Interstudio" - International Studio of Theatre of Synthesis and Animation.

Personal Exhibitions
1985 The Malta Embassy. Moscow
1988 "Hermitage Association". Moscow
Gallery "East-West", Zürich, Switzerland
1993 Grenacher Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland

Joint projects with Galina Metelitchenko:
1990 Gallery "A-16", Zürich, Switzerland
1991 Gallery "Near the old german school", Tuun, Switzerland
1992 Zaager's gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
1993 International Festival "Kukart", Pushkin, St. Petersburg

Group Exhibitions
1962 Studio artists exhibition under the leadership of El Belyutin (with participation of Y. Sooster, V. Iankilevsky and others). B. Kommunistitcheskaya (Taganka), Moscow
"Yunost" Hotel Moscow
Central exhibition hall (Manege) Moscow
1965 "Actual alternative - 2 ", Castello Spaniolo, L'Aquila, Italy
"Nine Russian Artists", Gdansk, Poland
1966 "Sixteen Moscow Artists", Poznan, Poland
"New Painting in Moscow", Lugano, Switzerland
1967" "Young Moscow Artists", Cremona, Italy
"Fifteen Moscow Artists", Il Senio Gallery, Rome, Italy
1969 "New Moscow School", Pananti Gallery, Florence, Italy
1970 "New Tendencies in Moscow", Museum of Fine Arts, Lugano, Switzerland
1972 Miro Fund. Barcelona, Spain
1974 "Progressive Tendencies in Moscow, 1957 - 1970", Bochum, Germany
1977 Biennale "Non-official Perspective", Venice, Italy
1979 "The 20th Anniversary of Unofficial Soviet Art", Bochum, Germany
1986 "Moscow Artists", The exhibition hall in Malaya Gruzinskaya str., Moscow
Vladimir Tarasov's private collection exhibition, State Art Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
1987 "The 30th Anniversary of Unofficial Art", Association "Hermitage", Moscow
1988 "Live - See", Art Museum, Bern, Switzerland
1989 "The Russian Magic" (together with E. Gorokhovsky), Gallery "East-West", Zürich, Switzerland
1990 "Art Mass", Basel, Switzerland
Domberger Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
Seltz Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
1991 "Another Art", State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

The works are situated in: Private Collections:
Museum of Cinema, Moscow
State Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
Baviera Museum, Zürich, Germany
Gallery "Near the old german school", Tuun, Switzerland
Seltz Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
Gallery "Moscow Palette", Moscow
Vladimir Tarasov, Vilnius, Lithuania
N. Manienan, Paris, France
P. Fasler, Zürich, Switzerland
A. Benninger, Zürich, Switzerland
Heinz-Erich Gödecke und Cornelie Müller-Gödecke, Hamburg, Germany

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Yuri Sobolev's E-Mail-Adress: sobolev@interstudio.spb.su
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