Many photo-series "emerged" at Avantart and got lost again in the depth of navigation. I think it is time to collect them and to present them here....

Please note, that JavasScript should be activated, that some of the series open a new small window, some open a new browser window...

Here I have photo-series from Russia, Armenia, from Ukraina. There are also some series with different motives and stories.

Erivan every day life in summer 2001
Lake Sevan
Chor Virap and Vedi
Geghart Monastery
Photo-Album 2001
Armenia 1999

Galicia / Ukraina:
rural Galicia
market day in Drohobych
the New Synagogue in Drogobych
wooden churches of Drogobych
stay here - Hotel Tulstan in Drogobych
From Borislav to Turka and Strij - the ukrainian Carpathy
Kiev, autumn 2002       Dniepopetrovsk 2002      World Jazz at the Dnjepr 2002

Line 5: 6 stations to Eternity
Walter de Maria: Skulptur 2000
Tadashi Endo: SunCycle
Tuvinian Shamans in Hamburg
Iconoclasm in Bamyan
a sunday on the couch
my hometown - Altona
Hamburg . Speicherstadt . Visual Effects
the Royal Salines of Arc et Senans

LongArms Russia:

a portrait of our friend Nikolai Dmitriev, publisher, manager, allround genious
backstage in Russia
Take the train to Orodesh
Shopping in Pushkin
Invitation to the Café Trio
Notschniu Bufet: how Musicians travel
Against Alcohol-Abuse: russian posters from gorbatchov time
Paratrooper Day in St. Petersburg
urban wooden architecture of North Russia
rural wooden architecture
Russian Winter
The Golden Ring in Winter: Pereslavl-Zalessky
winterly Yaroslawl
Vladimir Nabokov's summerhouse in Roshdestveno
Dog eats no dog
a walk in Samoskwaretshie
Novie Jerusalem Monastery

a photo-project: Moskau Petuschki
Moscow's Beauty

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