Juri Andruchowytschläßt einen totgeglaubten Character wieder-auferstehen und das wird ausführlich beschrieben in Transition Online

Tansition Online
Tansition Online

LVIV, Ukraine | Stas Perfetsky has come a long way since he took off from Lviv back in the heady days of the early 1990s on a wild ride across Europe, only to end up in the cold depths of a canal. To his admirers Stas‘ adventures embodied the precarious condition of the Ukrainian artist in those years, and they never gave up hope for him even though he seemed to have vanished. Now it looks as though Stas may be coming home.

Theater audiences in three countries heard the news this spring and summer from Stas‘ creator, Yuri Andrukhovych, who took the stage after performances of his new play to recite some lines from his poem about the play’s hero, titled „Stas Perfetsky Is Coming Back to Ukraine.“ Although the poem is quite new, written after the Orange Revolution, Andrukhovych is the last man in Ukraine who could be charged with political conformism. He simply had no choice: something very important had happened in Ukraine, and his hero, or alter ego, after a decade and more on the European road, simply had to react to the good news.

der komplette Artikel ist hier online zu lesen: Euro-Moonshine

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