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CDLA 96020 x Vershki da Koreshki: Real Life of Plants
CDLA 97030 x Sergey Kuryokhin: Just Opera
CDLA 9704 x Vyacheslav Guyvoronski: FOR SERGEY KURYOKHIN
CDLA 9696 x Ensemble 4:33 & NETE & DJ Kubikov: FALLS
CDLA 9707 x Different Artists: IT'S PROBABLY WINDY IN OVYUR...
CDLA 9708 x Sainkho & Moscow Composers Orchestra: THE GIFT
CDLA 98015 x Vladimir Martynov: OPUS POSTH
CDLA 9809 x Anton Batagov: YESTERDAY
CDLA 98012 x Anton Batagov: Music for December
CDLA 98018 x Miller, Hyder, Rezitsky: Northern Lights: Stillness at the Solovki
CDLA 98020 x Orion Cup: The Last Sounds from the Last Cup
CDLA 99025 x the hour of sad choices: Pushkin in New York
CDLA 980101 x Sergey Kuryokhin / David Moss: 2 for tea
CDLA 99021 x Kenny Millions / Otomo Yoshishide: Without Kuryokhin
CDLA 98010 x Ananda Bazar, trad. indian music
CDLA 00016 x Anton Batagov: Best before 02:2000
CDLA 00028 x Alexander Bakshi: Hamlet is dying
CDLA 00014 x Sergei Zagny: Sonata
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