Wittwulf Y Malik, Notation

Wittwulf Y Malik

works as a composer, violoncello player, artist and performance-artist in experimental multimedia projects. since the time he studied music and psychology. He produced electro-acoustic and computer-directed music or cooperated in projects alike, he co-worked with dancers and actors, movie-makers and writers.
He got a great number of national and international grants and took part in exhibitions (Documenta 7 e.g.), in Germany and in Japan as well, he lectured in USA and in Germany.

He worked in german, italian and swiss theaters and he performed at many festivals, e.g. in Los Angeles, Montreal and Philadelphia. Radio-production and performances are part of his great Oeuvre.

Since the 80ies, Wittwulf Y Malik is fascinated by nature sound, earlier than the mainstream he discovered the beauty of the whales' songs.

He demonstrated the narrow relationship between Nature Sounds and New Music in his exhibition "Bilder, Notationen und Neue Musik" in Hamburg: the pictures present the metamorphosis from photo to sound to the partitura.

Kontakt Wittwulf Y Malik:
Künstlerhaus Bergedorf
21029 Hamburg
Möörkenweg 18E
Tel / Fax: +49 40 72698318
Wittwulf Y Malik's WebSeite: www.wittwulf-y-malik.com

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