ensemble 4:33 & NeTe & DJ Kubikov

to seize winter

Palace was a lonely affair. Then the sailor set off to Kerensky. But by that time Kerensky already has turned into a lady as a frog into a white swan and multiplying a series of historical fictions was gone. Thus slip-off strategy was born. Sailor took a picture from the cabinet. It was called "Beethoven" though quite different people were depicted on it. But still the artist has represented Beethoven posthumous mask on a wall of the picture square. Baudrillard ideas - copies without original - were deeply alien to him and he couldn't understand utility of a picture about posthumous mask - a copy of something that does not exist. He bartered the picture for something more equivocal with intellectuals passing by. Historians failed to identify the object of the barter deal.

falls, a CD by Ensemble 4:33, NeTe & DJ Kubikov

At that time the composers of "Mogoochaya Kouchka" invented a new profession named DJ. They realized that glinka was the first Russian DJ though he never called himself this way. Possessed Balakirev and his friends began to line barbarous Russian melodies with European cultural be-bob-a-lula, to mix culture and archaic. NETEBut they didn't succeed in genuine DJ-stuff as two origins and two components of their unpretentious mixes still represented too alive tradition. Time passed. Folklore singers, these carriers of folklore conciousness in postindustrial time, turned (as frogs into white swans) into the parts of imaginary speech, imprints of something that does not exist. Be-bop-a-lula forgot about its own functionality, died as accompaniment and became a self-sufficient song. Academic musician began to identify himself with an imprint of Paganini figure that does not exist, with a part of speech, felt himself a composer. DJ is similar to a folklore person. Both are carriers. Both are in the altered state of conciousness. Both are strange: if they need to express themselves they mix ready-made objects, pieces of forms, imprints of contents, pieces of speech, fragments of conciousnesses, segments of the canon. Musician (former Paganini), DJ (former general bass), folklore person (former Boyan), composer (former Beethoven) - all of them are posthumous masks. Each of them has only unpretentious pleasure of self-existence and ability to sing and dance in a ring together with other posthumous masks (3), to slip off (8), to rock the cradle with mutual restless posthumous children (5), to see off the visitors we home cry (6).

Translated by Victor Samoilov

bass instrument Ensemble 4:33

Alexey Aigi, violin, conductor
Andrej Raev, clarinet, bass clarinet
Pavel Karmanov, keyboards
Maxim Ivanenko, guitar
Sergey Nikolsky, bass guitar

Lena Sergeeva, voice
Sergey Zhirkov, voice, gusli,
balalaika, vladimir's horn, kugikly,
kalyuka, ocarina

Anton Kubikov, turntables, loops, samples
MP3to fall silentbe silent

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