Alone. A real artist is always alone. He can be surrounded by collegues and partners, disciples and followers, he can play with other people - but main things always occur in loneliness.
The mystery of creation resides in silence. That's why solo works are most significant for a musician.
Not so many performers are brave enough to work solo. When playing in a band one can hide himself among partners, playing duo one can use partner's ideas. Even playing solo - traditional solo - one can escape into tradition. Being out of tradition and staying alone musicians stands face to face with himself and then face to face with a listener. Few musicians are ready for this. Some still try to hide inside their own self-tradition, others seek for a partner in a real or imaginary listener. Only rare musicians can follow this route honestly.

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Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky's life in music is long and successfull. But this is his first solo recording. His decision to make it wasn't easy. Even the first impulse came to him from outside - it was Sergey Kuryokhin's idea. But the grain fell into the right ground - hardly knowing about it Guyvoronski was ready for this work. Two musicians started working. Production of this CD was the last Kuryokhin's musical action. He wanted to record music for the not so distant XXI century... He stayed here in XX - his physical body, but his spirit and his work (this CD too) will definitely be present in XXI. As Guyvoronsky says Sergey was happy to hear every succesfull fragment and used to scream happily when he could see expected results. Therefore this is his work to the great extent. That's why this CD belongs to him too. Work that he had inspired was finished after his death and now Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky offers us his musical tribute to his departed friend.

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky is a Master of Trumpet. He plays for several decades and always uses an old unfashionable pedal trumpet. We can speak about classical trumpet, jazz trumpet, Davis' trumpet, and about Guyvoronski's trumpet too. He has his own recognizable sound, but it is not enough to have it - it's very important to open it for other people, to make your own message understandable. Guyvoronski's sound in his new work is at first shocking.
He uses his instrument like nobody before. Trumpet finds a new life in his lips and hands - it cries, moans, groans, rattles, creaks and also sings and talks. Only in Agnus Dei - the central track on the CD - his sound approaces classical one. That's understandable and justified cause this track is a requiem for the departed friend. But inspite of novelty and unusualness of Guyvoronsky's tricks this music is breaking the wall between author and listener. Or the listener is breaking it. They both act in their own way, not so easy and straight, but we can see the result. And mainly because Guyvoronsky's sonoristic in many respects is similar to sonoristic of pre-music: ancient, traditional music, even folklore....

Vjacheslav Guyvoronski

listen to: Agnus Dei

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