Jim Meneses: Stick Man

I first met Jim Meneses, the drummer, a long time ago, shortly after he started to tour in Europe.
He was a member of the legendary band KIXX then, and he spent some time at my place in Wiesbaden, when there were some days off.
I always admired his performing: for him music and performance belong together, his concerts are full of action, he plays with a lot of tension, and he is one of the few drummers who use silence in their music.

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    Music From Philadelphia at the Alternativa Festival, Prague
    December 4, 1999

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    Contact: jimmeneses@yahoo.com

    Listen to his music:

    Increase the Angle: Picasso's Last Stand, from: ReR Quarterly Selections from Volume II, with Stephen Di Joseph (keyboards), Michael Di Matteo (electric bass), Jim Meneses (drums, synclavier). 1991
    Fajt / Meneses: Welcome to Canaro, from the CD Songs for the Drums. 1993
    Paul Lovens and Jim Meneses: Etude #1, from the CD The Importance of Return Tickets, 1995
    Han Bennink and Jim Meneses: Ein bischen Ambition, as je blieft, from the CD The Importance of Return Tickets, 1995
    KIXX: Il voce di Padrone, from the CD The Importance of Return Tickets, 1995

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