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Ned Rothenberg composes and performs on saxophones, bass clarinet, flute and shakuhachi (an end blown Japanese bamboo flute). He has been internationally acclaimed for his solo music which he has presented for the past 17 years in hundreds of concerts worldwide.

He leads the ensembles Double Band and Power Lines and is a founding member of the cooperative group New Winds (with Robert Dick, flutes and Herb Robertson, trumpet). His most recent group is Sync, with guitarist/bassist Jerome Harris and Tabla virtuoso Samir Chatterjee.

His co - collaborators in other projects have included Marc Ribot, Paul Dresher, Yuji Takahashi, Sainkho Namchylak, Masahiko Sato, Elliott Sharp, Samm Bennett, John Zorn, Katsuya Yokoyama and Fred Frith. He's lived and worked in New York City since 1978.

Ned Rothenberg, © Frank Schemmann
© photo by Frank Schemmann
Ned Rothenberg, ©Ziga Koritnik
© photo by Ziga Koritnik

Rothenberg's musical interests are numerous and his work varies widely in its sonic, emotive and stylistic profiles.
A strong underlying element of his instrumental voice is the extension of the woodwind language to incorporate polyphony and accurate microtonal organization through the manipulation of multiphonics, circular breathing, and overtone control, not only using his horns in their standard melodic role but also as rhythmic and harmonic engines in both solo and ensemble contexts.

Listen to: At Altitude from the CD Amulet

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As a composer he can move from "Jazz-funk in cubist perspective, dizzying, yet visceral" (Double Band) to a solo music that is "intense, slightly melancholic, rhapsodic without being sentimental"*, "while avoiding the use of mere effect- crafting distinct, evocative compositions that boast shape as well as texture."*
(*Jon Pareles and Edward Rothstein, NY Times and Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader)

Recent CD releases:

The Cd Ghost Stories with Min Xiao-Fen, Erik Friedlander, Riley Lee and Satoshi Takeishi was released on Tzadik's composer series.

Sync's Port of Entry with Jerome Harris and Samir Chatterjee has been out for a while.
You will find more information at Intuition's page, please search for Sync in the category Jazz

Monky Puzzle, a Duo with Evan Parker and Ned Rothenberg on Leo records (CD LR 247) and New Winds' latest recording, Potion (Victo CD 053). Upcoming CDs will include "Port of Entry", Sync's premier release on Intuition.

A few of Rothenberg's more notable sojourns have been numerous trips to Japan including a 6-month residency there during which he performed his music and studied shakuhachi with two of the foremost masters of the instrument, Goro Yamaguchi and Katsuya Yokoyama. He has travelled 3 times to the former Soviet Union in 89, 92 and 94 working solo, in various groups and in duo with Sainkho Namchylak. This is in addition to many tours in North and South America, Europe and Asia over the past 19 years playing festivals, theatres and clubs as soloist, leader or collaborator.

Ned Rothenberg's discography includes: a solo CD, The Crux (Leo), Double Band's Over Lays and Real & Imagined Time (Moers Musik), Power Lines' premier recording (New World ), Amulet, duo with Tuvan vocalist Sainkho Namchylak (Leo), a studio collaboration co-composed with Paul Dresher, Opposites Attract (New World), 2 records by Semantics (Rift & SST), New Winds' releases Digging it Harder From Afar (Victo), The Cliff and Traction (Sound Aspects), as well as 3 solo LPs, Trespass, Portal, and Trials of the Argo on Lumina. His work can also be heard on the Nonesuch, A&M, ECM, Recommended, Sub Rosa, Enemy and Virgin labels.

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