Sainkho Namtchylak, Singer from Tuva

Sainkho Namtchylak Sainkho Namtchylak is a wanderer between the worlds (as a german idiom would describe it). She was a member of the national ensemble of Tuva, left the remote republic in the south of Siberia and lived in Moscow. There she met jazz musicians and started a new career in the west. She lived in Vienna, Berlin and Moscow, but she never forgot her homecountry. Every year she invited western musicians to perform in Kyzyl and to learn about her country, her culture and her music.

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November 2003:

Sainkho had her own domain:

That's why these pages here were not discontinued..

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Sainkho appears on two new CDs:

Angels as Pilots / Engelspfad

miniatures 2

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Sainkho Tour in November 2000 CMN Tours,The Arts Council of Englandís Contemporary Music Network, announces a tour for November 2000: Sainkho and Yat-Kha!

You will find more information at

And more news: (at least at Yat-Kha have their own website now:

Sainkho Sainkho released a new CD, Stepmother City, which can be ordered online by, where you will find some information in italian language as well.

And they offer two MP3-Files:
Let the Sunshine and Tuva Blues lists 7 CDs by Sainkho for online-order.

Good news!

1999, Sainkho released a CD-Box with three CDs:

Solo Sainkho Namtchylak
Duo Sainkho Namtchylak and Peter Kowald
Trio Sainkho Namtchylak and The Vladimirs
       (Vladimir Tarasov and Vladimir Volkov)

more about this CD-Box

In summer '98, Sainkho released a new CD:Naked Spirit

This CD, with Djivan Gasparyan as special guest, was released by amiata records in Italy. When I met Sainkho at the MIMI-Festival in July, she presented me the CD and asked me to introduce it at the web. Even if I am late, here it is.

Listen to Sainkho:

Sainkho: Naked Spirit Life is a great journey through illusion.
Every moment of this journey is so
intense. Some people play with it, some people
try to learn how to win, some people just pass through it!
... I am sinking into every passing moment.
And I am grateful for this illusion which
presents me every second with a new fruit
to taste. Sweetness, sorrow, anger,
happiness, passion and depression. All is
Fullness and Emptiness. Oh, what a taste!
... I'm born naked and I will die naked.
All I can take from this great illusion called
Life is my Spirit.....

You can listen to one of the songs from this CD at Amiata. They have a very interesting program with wonderful CDs....

Contact Amiata at

1997 was not a good year for Sainkho. She had left Vienna and came back to Moscow. She was just preparing her 40th birthday, which she wanted to celebrate in Kyzyl, when she was hurt very bad by a violent attack. She left the hospital after nearly 2 weeks there, and she is still suffering.

Sainkho NamtchylakCD cover 

She needed time to recover and rested.


In this time she produced the CD
Seven Songs for Tuva.

This CD was pressed privately and is not for sale.

Portrait of Sainkho Namtchylak

Her music

Some information on Tuva

Sainkho Namtchylak
photo: ©1996 Vadim Konrad,
St. Petersburg, 007-812-535 71 51

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