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Arkady Shilkloper in Eldena

As we all know, good music is everywhere, but I was really astonished, when I read the brochure Ein Jahrtausend erleben of the tourist organisation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (eastern Germany) and I found a photo of Arkady Shilkloper at the Jazzfestival Eldena. Now it's the time to portrait Arkady at Avantart as well!

I know Arkady for many years now, we have been on tour together in Russia and Hamburg, my hometown, is nearly a homerun for him and the Moscow Art Trio, he is one of the interesting musicians, who had a classical education but kept the joy of play and improvisation, to create new music from the traditional styles.
Arkadiy Shilkloper

his portrait

Arkady Shilkloper, born in Moscow, played brass instruments at the age of 6 already, and he studied flugelhorn until 1974 at the Moscow Military Music Highschool and other schools. From 1978 to 1985 he was member of the orchestra of the Bolshoi-Theatre and the Bolshoi Brass Quintett. With this world-famous ensemble and as a member of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra from 1985 to 1989 he undertook numerous world-wide concert tours. Since the collapse of the former Soviet Union he has worked independently both as a solo performer and, since 1990, with Mikhael Alperin and Sergey Starostin in the Moscow Art Trio and in other formations. Shilkloper is in demand as a soloist and a teacher for brass instruments instrument workshops and symposia the world over.
In the past few years he was invited to play with a number of renowned musicians, such as the Vienna At Orchestra, Pierre Favres Singing Dreams or Louis Sclavis' Donaueschingen-Ensemble. Apart from his CD productions with Michael Alperin, the MOSCOW ART TRIO and the participation in other formations, in 1997 he produced his first solo CD entitled Hornology.

1998 - Various Artists - ORION CUP (LongArms CDLA 98020)
Arkady Shilkloper Tennis da'caccio
Arkady Shilkloper - corno da'caccio
recorded live 01.01.98 Vienna
unreleased recording

1998 - Moscow Art Trio - music (for 12 instruments, folk singer & percussion) (JARO 4214-2)
1997 - Solo CD - Hornology (RDM)
1997 - Moscow Art Trio - Hamburg Concert (JARO 4201-2)
1996 - Moscow Art Trio - Prayer (JARO 4193-2)
1996 - Alperin und Tore Brumborg, Jon Christensen, Terje Gevelt, Arkady Shilkloper - (ECM 1596)
1995 - Moscow Art Trio - Folk Dreams (JARO 4187-2)
1994 - Moscow Composers Orchestra - Kings & Cabbages Leo Records Laboratory, LEO LAB 005 (Great Britain)
1992 - Alperin / Shikloper - Live in Grenoble (RDM 305015)
1989 - Alperin / Shikloper - Wave of Sorrow (ECM 1396)

He is at home at european and worldwide festivals with the Moscow Art Trio and with the International Alphorn Orchestra as well. One hint: he will perform in August 99 at the festival Jazz á Mulhouse with the Alphorn-Orchestra!
Listen to:
tennis da'caccio
Arkady Shilkloper
from the CD:
Orion Cup
the Last Sounds from the Last Cup
LongArms Records 1998, CDLA 98020
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I will introduce the Moscow Art Trio here in the next time as well.

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