Jürg Solothurnmann
ts, as, ss

Agasul Orchester, photo: Fred Nuss
Magic Triangle:Harry Tavitian, Corneliu Stroe, Jürg Solothurnmann
Tomi Hirt, Jürg Solothurnmann,  photo: Fred Nuss

Presently active with:

the quartet Agasul Orchester (new jazz/improvised music with folk influences and classical structures) with Kurt Graemiger, alto sax, Tomi Hirt, bass, and Dieter Ulrich, drums.

Sound & Space a duo with Ian Gordon-Lennox (alphorn, trumpet, tuba) particularly for large halls, churches and spaces with a long reverb.

The Magic Triangle - Jazz and Eurasiatic Traditions, a project with Harry Tavitian, piano, and Corneliu Stroe, perc (the Romanian avantgarde duo Creativ) focusing on a discourse between various folk music idioms and structures and contemporary jazz/free improvisation.

Alive According To E.E.Cummings (compositions and improvisations based on poetry of the famous American poet) with Ellen Christi, vocal, Roger Girod, piano, Tomi Hirt, Bass.

Duo with the classical singer Regula Brugos-Meyer improvising with 20th century poetry by Pablo Neruda (Chile) and French, Spanish, German, Romanian and Swiss authors.

Regular improvising ensembles Trumbax, The Ready Mades and Intercity Quartet with musicians from Bern, Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne.

Concerts, festival appearances and tours in Switzerland, France, Germany, GFR, Czechia, Romania, Italy, Sweden and Russia. Collaborations with various artists (documentary film, acting, modern dance, instant poetry, painting and art performance). Improvised music for sacred services.

Played with John Tchicai, Eddie Boyd, Hermann Keller, Günter Sommer, Joe Sachse, Hannes Bauer, Tony Scott, John Fischer, Bernd Konrad, Pinguin Moschner, Alex von Schlippenbach, Günter Heinz, Uli Kieckbusch, Vinko Globokar, Pauline Oliveros, Ekkehard Jost, Bernhard Arndt, Heinz Erich Gödecke, György Szabados, Mihaly Dresch, Karoly Binder, Jan Wallgren, Kristian Blak, Han Bennink, the Moscow Tri-O, Valentina Ponomareva, Harry Tavitian, Corneliu Stroe, Anca Parghel, Dimitriu Zamfira, Muneer Abdul Fatah, Ellen Christi, Michael Nick, Thierry Madiot, Xavier Charles, Barre Phillips, Pierre Favre etc.etc. and many Swiss soloists and bandleaders such as Mani Planzer, Hans Kennel, Heiri Känzig, Fredy Studer, Werner Lüdi, Urs Blöchlinger, Wädi Gysi, Jacques Widmer, Roland Schiltknecht, Olivier Clerc, Hans Hassler, Daniel Perrin, Christian Graf, Hans Anliker, Christian Wolfarth, Heinz Geisser and Daniel Studer.