Jürg Solothurnmann saxophones
  Michael Jefry Stevens piano
  Daniel Studer contrabass
  Dieter Ulrich drums

The Bernese saxophonist Jürg Solothurnmann (1943) and the far-travelled New Yorker pianist Michael Jefry Stevens (1952, now living in Memphis TN) are cums since several years. At an age a bit more mature both still are initiative and look for an evolution and a deepening but however don't need anymore to prove anything.

They can build up on a broad experience with various forms, mentalities and stylistic directions (from post bop to free chamber music and ethnic styles), to which they refer in an intuitive open manner - without pre-composed material. To them music is talking sense and freedom doesn't mean the absence of form but rather an immediate structuring like in a conversation or a spontaneous speech. Motives that upsurge are registered and kept as subjects of the actual event which often evokes the impression of being composed. This music, which at times resembles to the mentality of lyrical improvisers such as Paul Bley, is possible because of two friends from Zürich. Daniel Studer and Dieter Ulrich are congenial partners who also colleges in other projects since years.

Daniel Studer studied contrabass and modern classical composition, lived in Rome for 15 years and still is tightly connected with the contemporary scene in Italy. His other field of activity is archology.

At first Dieter Ulrich's studied the classical piano for many years, a fact which heightens his sense for musical structure. He is also an art historian but after all one of the most active and diverse drummers in Switzerland who feels at home both with the jazz tradition and free music. Ulrich is also am member of the quartet Next.

A CD is in preparation with recordings at the studios of the Swiss National Radio DRS.

Michael Jefry Stevens Daniel Studer