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Find here a list of really interesting CDs, not avantgarde, but poetry with music, songwriters, romances....

I am sure, I must not introduce you to Bulat Okudjava...

SLR 0008. Bulat Okudjava. "While Earth is still turning"
SLR 0079. Bulat Okudjava. "And the First Love..." (recordings made for Le Chant du Monde, France)
SLR 0128. Bulat Okudjava. "American concert 1979"

Veronika Dolina is universally considered in Russia as the only singing poet who approaches the talents and the status of the "Great Three" - Alexander Galitch, Bulat Okudjava and Vladimir Vyssotsky. M.Volodin with whom she recorded one of her albums now lives in Boston.
SLR 0036. Veronika Dolina. "If life were not so complicated..."
SLR 0049. Veronika Dolina. "Cavalier and Lady Fortune"
SLR 0073. Veronika Dolina. "Innocentville"
SLR 0072. Veronika Dolina. "Any Love"
SLR 0130. Veronika Dolina/ Mikhail Volodin. "Like letters"
SLR 0150. Veronika Dolina. "Mon petit tambour" (sung in French)
SLR 0151. Veronika Dolina. "Balsam"
SLR 0152. Veronika Dolina. "Tobacco"

Yuli Kim is one of the most prominent figures of the genre, many of his songs have become almost folkloric.
SLR 0018. Yuli Kim. "19th of October" - 7

Alexander Galitch was very popular in the Soviet Union, though his songs were never published during the Soviet regime. He was exiled and died in Paris in 1976. "Whispered Cry" is the only recording he ever did in studio. The album was recorded in Oslo, Norway, he is accompanied by a small band.
SLR 0048. Alexander Galitch. "Literary Cemetery". - 7
SLR 0050. Alexander Galitch. "The Sand of Israel" - 7
SLR 0057. Alexander Galitch. "Night Patrol" - 7
SLR 0059. Alexander Galitch. "Whispered Cry" -7

Vladimir Vyssotsky is without any doubt THE most popular Russian "bard". The 19 years that passed after his death non only didnít diminish his god-like ststus, his popularity seems to be growing every day. He is not just a singer and a poet, he is a cultural and social phenomenon unparalleled in contemporary Russian art.
SLR 0009, SLR 0010, SLR 0011, SLR0034, SLR 0035, SLR 0063. Vladimir Vyssotsky. The first 6 releases from the Complete CD Collection series.
SLR 0061/62, SLR 0085/86, SLR 0088, SLR 0097/98, SLR 0142/3. Vladimir Vyssotsky. His most famous concerts - in New York, in Toronto, at the NIKFI institute in Moscow, etc.
SLR 0089, SLR 00129. Vladimir Vyssotsky. His earliest recordings - songs, jokes, stories he told his friends...
SLR 0066/67. Vladimir Vyssotsky. Le Vol Arrete. Complete recordings made for Le Chant du Monde, France.

SLR 0064, SLR 0065. The Last Chance group.
The "darlings" of Moscow bardic scene - witty, merry, masterful. 1 CD - songs for children, 1 CD - songs for everyone.

Alexander Dolsky, the most famous of contemporary "singing poets" from St. Petersburg. He has also recorded an instrumental album, with a jazzy, bossa-nova sound: SLR 0095.
SLR 0102. Alexander Dolsky. "A star in my Hand"
SLR 0103. Alexander Dolsky. "The guardian Angel".
SLR 0104. Alexander Dolsky. "Return to StPetersburg"
SLR 0105. Alexander Dolsky. "Mists and rains"
SLR 0106. Alexander Dolsky. "The Russian Question"
SLR 0107. Alexander Dolsky. "The wounded bird"

The late V. Agafonov was one of the most popular performers of Russian romances of the 19th century - in the "bardic" tradition.
SLR 0119. Valery Agafonov. "You are 19..."

And last, but not least: SLR 0188. Boris Grebenschikov sings Bulat Okudjava songs.
The most famous Russian rock musician recorded an album of songs by his idol.

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