In memoriam Vladimir Resitzky...

Vladimir Resitzky died on a heart attack in the night from 24th to 25th of May 2001 in Arkhangelsk.

Alexey Bataschov honoring  Vladimir at the Jazzfest 1997

He was a man with many merits, he made the impossible possible and I dare to name him a catalysator: he made possible, he brought people together, he surpassed obstacles and borders, he opended hearts, he opened the hearts for music and art and he created friendship.

I am very grateful to him. He made it possible for me to discover the russian north. First time, he invited me 1992 to the jazzfest in Arkhangelsk. That was my first stay at the Dvina River and at the White Sea. After the festival, the famous tour to the Solovki Islands followed, Vladimir invited guests, musicians and co-workers to that mystic island.

Three times I was invited by him to Arkhangelsk, he was our guest in Hamburg, we met in Moscow or Arles at the MIMI Festival 1998 or at the Kukart Festival in Pushkin .. he was full of plans always, living his music and his dreams.

He had started the ensemble Jazzgroup Arkhangelsk which gained worldwide acknowledgement.
He was one of that generation which first were more known in the western jazz world than at home, as they lived the jazz in hard times.

Now we lost one more friend.

Images, memories stay and so I like to commemorate Vladimir. I also link my festival reports and other articles here again. has a moving epilog for Vladimir online.

Vladimir Resitzky at the Jazzfest Arkhangelsk Vladimir Resitzky at the Jazzfest Arkhangelsk with Vladimir Tarasov

at the Jazzfest Arkhangelsk (with Vladimir Tarasov)

at the concert after the concert, backstage with Dror Feiler
he listened, to the music and to the musicians.

backstage backstage Ludmilla Dmitrieva. Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Vladimir, Werner Lüdi, Dror Feiler, Juri Sobolev

Vladimir, Vladimir and HeinzMore on Vladimir:

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Heinz-Erich Gödecke entre deux Vladimirs...

controlling proviant boarding the ship to Solovki but he took only tea

Vladimir Tarasov, also from Arkhangelsk, and he had a lot in common: youth in Arkhangelsk, the music and abstinence.

In seas of Vodka - he choose tea...

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