Xu Feng Xia:

projects and cooperations:

with the Gufeng Ensemble: traditional and New Chinese Music

with Zhang Zhenfang (Erhu: chinese violin) traditional chinese music

with Wu Wei (chinesische brass-instruments) traditional chinese music and improvisations

with Gunda Gottschalk & Peter Kowald (Global Village) improvised music

with Michael Heupel (flutes) Improvisation and Jazz

with Mathias Schubert (tenorsax) Improvisation and Jazz

with Joe Fonda (Bass) Improvisation and Jazz

with the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam as a solist in the compostions of chineses contemporary composers

Xu Feng Xia performs or performed with Erhard Hirt, Michel Doneda, Le Quan Ninh, Warnfried Altmann, Rudi Mahall, Jeanne Lee, Sainko Namtchilak and many others