The third day of the Festival

Nikolai Dmitriev
Dmitriev again

The Arkhangelsk Jazz Festival

The first day, October 4, 1996

The second day, October 5, 1996

The third day, October 6, 1996

It is already a tradition, that there will be a children concert at the last day of the festival. So in the afternoon, the hall is crowded with children, grand parents and parents, who attend this concert for free. Nearly all the musicians perform with an extra program. Sainkho told them about former times, when everybody was a musician and sang how children spoke with their parents and teachers in overtones at that times.
Gödecke fought with his trombone which was close to overwhelm him and the Petersburg Duo played children tunes.

These afternoons are a great delight for the children and a good chance to educate the next generation of the audience.

Dieter Glawischnig

The evening concert was opened by Cercle, the duo of Dieter Glawischnig and Andreas Schreiber, originally a trio, but Tony Oxley ruined his back and couldn't travel.

Glawischnig, who is leader of the Bigband of the Norddeutsche Rundfunk in Hamburg and who teaches Popular Music as a professor at the Hamburg Music Highschool, plays with some musicians from Austrian and I knew Andreas Schreiber already from the performance of the ensemble Neighbours together with the poet Ernst Jandl in Hamburg. Schreiber, a very calm and quiet man, unleashes a whole concert of witches when playing his violine.

They will perform at the Beijing JazzFestival in November, too.

Resitzky, watching the raging musicians and taking a short break himself

After the concert of the Petersburg Duo (Vladimir Volkow and Slava Gaivoronski), the Moscow Composers' Orchestra, the musicians from Pokrowski Ensemble and more musicians formed the Vladimir Resitzky Project, and produced an intense spectacle of music, performance and show elements in memory of Dima Pokrowski.. Even more classical trained musicians like Jason Hwang danced and ran around the stage; the singers walked down to the audience hall and invited listernes to the stage.

Vladimir Resitzky
Vladimir Resitzky in extase

Everybody was enchanted and fascinated by the inferno they produced and they all (nearly all) managed to navigate through the sounds in calmer regions and in stormy moments as well.

A breath-taking farewell to Dima Pokrowsky and to the 1996 festival Fest New Jazz in Arkhangelsk.

In the last moment, at the end of the last concert, I met Inna Basnareva, a young woman from Arkhangelsk, who accompanied us as translator at our first stay at the Arkhangelsk festival in 1992. Inna told me about her young family and introduced me to her husband, a TV camera man. You can see Inna to my right.

Inna sends special greetings to Dror Feiler from Sweden, who knows Arkhangelsk very well, with whom we had a lot of fun in 1992. Privjet, Dror!

Cornelie Mueller-Goedecke and Inna Basnareva
The author, Cornelie Müller-Gödecke, and Inna Basnareva

Thank you, Vladimir Resitzky!

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