Vilnius, September 28, 1996

Our second day started with a good breakfast, original russian Kascha, which is some kind of porridge.

After this we went to the museum again to fix some things in the installation.

bucket in the installation

In the cafeteria of the museum, I met the director of the gallery, Kestutis Kuzinas, and we started to discuss the installation. I found out, that water, which is regarded as a sign of ruin in the east (see Kabakov's text on this subject), has a different meaning in the west. Maybe water is not causing so much damage in our houses anymore because of better pipes and tubes?

This museum, the Lithuanian Contemporary Art Center, offers some really interesting paintings and installations, not only by lithuanian artists. The young director is very eager and has a lot of plans, which are, for sure, restricted by the small budget, but are also offended by more conservative politicians.

artist: Toshihiro Kuno

I was particularly fascinated by the installation of the japanese artist Toshihiro Kuno, who formed his works with japanese soil, salt and rice and created a very strong and pure athmosphere.

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