What is so bad with ThirdVoice?

Third Voice or Third Vice?

Well, Third Voice is a new PlugIn for some browsers.

With this PlugIn you can add comments / notes to every webpage, where-ever you want. These notes are visible for all other ThirdVoice Users.

The owner of the WebSite is not informed about the addition of the notes, and the notes are stored on the ThirdVoice-Server.

ThirdVoice claims that their tool is adding freedom for speech to the web because now everybody can express his opinion, everybody can be heard.

What I say:

So I ask everybody to express his thoughts publicly, not clandestine. And I ask everybody to respect my thoughts, to respect my freedom of expression, of keeping my webpages the way I want it...

Some links:

Say No To Third Voice: an Organisation, arguing against that stupid tool

The Clearinghouse for ThirdVoice Combat Techniques

funk_thirdvoice: a javascript to redirect ThirdVoice-Users to a another page, and informing them why they cannot see the content of the original page. Check it out!
Ed Zahurak shows a nice StyleSheet-Definition to make the notes invisible at this page as well...

Please forgive me that I do not use the original logo of Say NO to Third Voice at my starting page. But it does not fit so well to my pages. So I made my own gif's. If they want me to stop the use of these pics, I will do that when they stop to distribute ThirdVoice...

If you have any comments to my opinion: send me eMail or use my guestbook!
Connie Müller-Gödecke, July 1999