Wounded Seals at the North Sea, Helgoland, November 2000

I spent some holidays at the island of Helgoland in the North Sea already and every time I enjoyed it. Especially the long and lonely walks around the Dune Island helped me to calm down and take a deep breath.

You will always meet groups of lazy and curious seals there, if they are not disturbed by too many tourists.

One time I counted more than 200 of this animals, this year in november I counted up to 50. It is very easy to watch them, you can get really near, and their nice and friendly character is a big joy.

But this year I noted that many animals were wounded. I counted at least 4 wounded animals and I think there were more.

I was very sad about that and I tried to document this miserry. I do not know why they are wounded, but I am sure man is not without guilt, and pollution maybe as well.

This small, young seal was trapped in the remainings of a synthetic fiser net. By that he could not eat and breath well. Suffocation was possible.

I documented the wounds at the next page.

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