The Festival Chivaja Woda in Novosibirsk

River Ob

During the short siberian summer, an active night life takes place at the embankment of the River Ob, one of the mightiest siberian rivers.

Open Air Disco, Go Cart Racing, Beerbars, amusement for children, Laser Pistol Stand ....

nearly a southern flair. ein geradezu südliches Flair.

Ensemble Ashkabad

So it's obvoius that the embankment is the right place for the opening concert of the festival "Chivaja Woda".

The Ensemble Ashkabad from Turkmenistan played turkmenian wedding music, Gendoz Chamzyrin and his band played tuvinian rock, the crimea-tatare Enver Izmailov and the russian musician Sergej Starostin ... just to name a few.

A more extensive introduction of the musicians can be found at the website of the festival,


Grant  Airapetian and HE Gödecke

the armenian kemantshist Grant Airapetian from Azerbaidshan and HE Gödecke listening

participiants of the festivals

Late at night, after the last gig, not only musicians are tired...

HE Gödecke, Sergej Starostin, Enver Izmailov and Alexander Khan...

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