Chivaja Woda - Magic Water - the Festival in the Altai mountains

Eingang zum Festplatz

At the embankment of a mountain river, between mountains and forest, an ideal location for a festival. And no doubt, associations with the most famous festival of all OpenAir festivals were obvious - Altaijski Woodstock.

Festival Locationsunset

a breathtaking surrounding for three days of music - many people gathered here, camped at the riverside and enjoyed the time. A light rain at the end of the last day didn't matter at all.

photo: Alexander Khan

After the official opening by the Minister of Culture of the Altai Republic and a shamanistic ceremony, the concerts began.
A musical range from everyday russian folklore, even with electroguitars which does not better anything, to traditional kirgyz and kazakh music, from Altaian throatsinging to ethnorock from Tuva, Moscow and St. Petersburg, from Enver Izmailov's Tatarski-Blues to the genuine russian folklore of Sergej Starostin....
photo: Alexander Khan

When Enver played, the cikada joined his rhythm, and during Starostins concert, the sunset was mirrored in the clouds atop of the stage. Art and Nature together, unisono.


The heat of a soup pot helps to tune the instrument before the concert.

Gendooz ChamzyrinGendooz Chamzyrin

Multicolored, but outstanding is the music of Gendooz Chamzyrins, as a singer of khomei or as banjo-player in a rockband with electric guitar and trombone...
Three days of music, three magic days full of joy. As I said before, Altaiski Woodstock

There are already some soundclips online at the Festival Website!

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