There is one room, where musicians could relax, prepare for their performance or just sit together with close friends, drink and talk.

Ludmilla Dmitrieva, HE Gödecke, Vladimir Resitzki, Werner Lüdi, Juri Sobolev and Dror Feiler

This is the place, where adresses are exchanged, new ensembles are created and new or old friendships are baptized with never ending wodka. The stressed organizators  never have time to pause, but they don't loose the mood for jokes.

As germans love jokes on blondes, russians (and ukrainians) tell jokes on New Russians, the new business men.

Werner LüdiVladimir TarasovNikolai DmitrievSoren RunoldVladimir Resitzki

Tired Jazzmen


There is always one person, who stays sober: Sascha, the driver.
He is one of the biggest jazzfans in Arkhangelsk and he is our saving angel.

Sascha's bus

He takes care of us, when he drives us home, at what time of the night ever and his bus is more than a bus: it's a rolling installation.

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