Jazz Days, the 15th International Festival, Arkhangelsk

October 5, 1997

Sunday afternoon, 15:00: that's a very special date for many children in Arkhangelsk: the Children's Concert is on the list! It's a good tradition, that all participants of the festival perform for the young audience and not only the kids profit from this spectacle: I heard some people whispering:

«Like this, I can understand the music!»

Children's concert
BigBand from Severo Dvinsk
Bigband from Severo Dvinsk
Tap Dancers
Young TapDancers from Arkhangelsk

But Resitski does more for young talents: he invites young tap-dancers from Arkhangelsk to the stage and introduces a Bigband from Severo Dvinsk, young men who eagerly give their best!

Werner Lüdi
Werner Lüdi

The next gig made me perplex:

Ludi, Werner Lüdi's Trio with Stefan Wittwer (guitar) and Michael Wertmüller (drums), entered the stage and started an energetic powerplay, but for what?

The drummer got so exhausted, that he left the stage unexpectedly, and Werner and Stefan found themselves left on stage and found no right end .... this abrupt finale was discussed intensively later.

These things happen, when you are audacious enough to deal with improvised music.

There are also good news: at last year's festival, I was very sad that after the death of Dmitry Pokrowski, the charismatic leader of the Pokrowski Folklore-Ensemble, the members of his ensemble lost orientation and were in a very desperate mood.
Sergej Shirkov
Sergej Shirkov, Ensemble NE TE

This year, Elena Sergejevna and Sergeij Shirkov presented a new program: old traditional elements, blended with improvisation and accompanied by Eduard Shivkov's saxophone:

The Ensemble NE TE had a good start.

Ensemble NE TE
Ensemble NE TE

Vladimir Igumnov Vladimir Igumnov led to the next gig: his performance brought some mystic athmosphere to the stage. ( I know his work from the KUKART-III-Festival, which took place in June 97, already).

And then, the master played himself: Vladimir Resitski, the busy organisator, found time to perform with his old friends Vladimir Miller (piano) and Ken Hyder (drums).

And the music was stronger than his exhaustion:

it was a great performance, and the three musicians found an intensive trialogue.
Vladimir Miller, Vladimir Resitski
Vladimir Resitski, Vladimir Miller
The three musicians gave us, what improvised music can give:

tension, dynamic, reflection and passion.
Vladimir Resitski, Ken Hyder
Vladimir Resitski, Ken Hyder

This was the last concert on the big stage, as Teruto Sojeima's multimedia-project was presented at another place. But before Andrej Batashow said goodbye to the audience and before he could give a short resume of the festival and before he could thank Vladimir Resitski for his great work, one last surprise:

Fashion Show

a fashion show!

Tchaika, a fashion-design company and sponsor of the festival, presented it's creations to the audience. Russian elegance and splendour from the very north!

And now it is time to say goodbye to the audience. This was the last JazzFest in Arkhangelsk. That's how it was announced.

But maybe, a wonder will happen?
The last FareWell
Inna BasnarevaLüdi and FeilerVladimir TarasovYuri Sobolev

Sad and earnest people backstage

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