There are many Russian Topics at Avantart and it is not easy to find them, as they are part of festival reports, museum pages, band portraits or travellogues. So I decided to compile the russian pages to my russian cosmos
My russian cosmos contends countries and regions, which belonged to Russia, the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation, whose culture is is completely or partially coined by russian culture. So also Ukraine, Altai are included-..

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Interstudio in WinterPushkin (Carskoe Celo) near St. Peterburg is the home of the Theatre Academy INTERSTUDIO. You can go shopping there or stroll to the Café Trio, take part in the life of Andrej Blagov, read the 1997 festival diary or send a virtual postcard from the academy or from the city of Pushkin itself.

In case you prefer other ways of transport, have a look at the multimedia Submarine Trash!


Nikolai DmitrievMusic from Russia is part of my life. This part of my life started when I met Nikolai Dmitriev, manager, organisator, brother, genious, producer.

He opened my ears for russian music and he travelled with us through the vast spaces of the big country.
He introduced me to russian artists and musicians.

Nikolai Dmitriev:  

russian dream

A Datsha is the dream of many russians and more and more datshas are announced in the real estate paper. So I could not resist to invite you to the Datsha-Memory-Game.

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Der zweite Blick
Der zweite Blick: Photo-Projects
Other photo-projects at

PosleGolosa - photo-poetry with poetry by Felix Philipp Ingold
Photostroki - photo-poetry with russian monostikhi
Moscow to the End of the Line
Peredelkino - Boris Pasternak - Friedhof 

Travels and Travellogues from the Russian Cosmos:

JazzFest Arkhangelsk 1996

JazzFest Arkhangelsk 1997

1997: Urban Wooden Architecture of the Russian North

1997: Rural Wooden Architecture

Two flights to the Solovki - Islands: 1996 and 1997
and a japanese wedding on this island

1996: Backstage in Rußland

1997: The Golden Ring: autumnal Vologda

1997: 850 years Moscow

1997: Take the night-train: musicians travel

1999: A winterjourney to the Golden Ring: Pereslavl-Zalessky

1999: and winterly Jaroslavl

1999: Russian Winter EveryDay - Life

2000: Take the train to Orodesh!

2000: Parachooters Day in St. Petersburg
2000: Vladimir Nabokov's summerhouse in Roshdestveno

2001:Spring in Novie Jerusalem   Samoskwaretschie

2002: Russian Spring: 1 2 3

2002: Summer in Moscow

2000: Galicia / Ukraina
rural Galicia
market day in Drohobych
the new synagogue in Drogobych
wooden churches in Drogobych
Stay here - Hotel Tulstan in Drogobych
From Borislav to Turka and Strij

2002: Ukraina
Autumn in Kiev
World Jazz at the Dnjepr

2002: Novosibirsk and Altai:
The Festival Chivaja Woda 2002
The Festival in Novosibirsk
The Festival in Altai
Der Weg einer Postkarte: a birthday greeting ot Felix Philipp Ingold
a Photo-Series

Russian musicians and ensembles:

In memory of Dmitry Pokrovski
Vladimir Tarasov, drummer, artist, cosmopolit
Vladimir Resitzky
Vyacheslav Guyvoronski
Vladimir Volkow
Sergey Kuryokhin
Moscow Composers' Orchestra
Arkhangelsk Workshop Ensemble
Vershki da Koreshki
ensemble 4:33

Russian New Music on LongArms

Russian Labels:
SolydRecords and LongArms Records

Fly with us: Moscow - Ekaterinburg!MP3


Music on the Water, an installation by Ilya Kabakov and Vladimir Tarasov

Oleg Soulimenko, dancer

Davaj russian young art an exhibition in Berlin (in german)

a slide show: Anti-Alkohol-Posters

Virtual Postcards from a Russian Kurort

Marschall Aleksandr Vasilevich SuvorovThe Russian Hannibal Marschall Aleksandr Vasilevich Suvorov:
200 years Übergang

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