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September 12, 1998
A lot of members of the music community all over the world know about the Arkhangelsk Jazz Festival. It took place every fall in the last 15 years. Hundreds of musicians from many countries played there. And all these years there was one leader, spiritual center and organizer - Vladimir Rezitsky. But now this is already part of the history of the festival movement in Russia. This year the festival will not take place anymore.

  • First, Rezitsky is tired from the decades of struggle with soviet and later russian bureaucracy,
  • second the economic situation in Russia especially now is not favourable for such festival,
  • and third:

             Rezitsky now is in danger.

Rezitsky is under trial now because of the financial situation of his festival. The Company which had helped him with managing the budget and which borrowed money from the city administration financially crashed, and now the chief of that company is under arrest. The judge imposed Rezitsky to pay 150 000 000 roubles (around $25 000). That's a lot of money in Russia.

Vladimir Rezitsky

That's the actual situation. Maybe it will change because there will be a new (second) trial.

Rezitsky needs help. We have to show that the Arkhangelsk Festival not only had local importance, it was a worldknown annual event. Everybody who ever took part in the Arkhangelsk festival or who is not indifferent to the fate of Russian jazz is kindly requested to support Rezitsky with a letter.

We ask you to send letters of support to Vladimir Rezitsky to prove that the worldwide jazz community appreciates his work and supports him morally.

Please, send your reply
by e-mail:,
fax: 007-095-316 0204
or mail:

Vladimir Rezitsky, Sovetskaya ul., 11-139,
Arkhangelsk, 163020,

All e-mails and faxes will be forwarded to Vladimir Rezitsky immediately.

Thank you in advance!
Connie Müller-Gödecke

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