Februay 1999 - a russian winter fairy tale

map of the planned tourIn Ekaterinburg / Russia, a festival in honor of the armenian composer Avet Terterian was scheduled and we wanted to participate. So we planned a two - weeks - tour to Russia, which should bring as far as to Krasnojarsk at the Enessei River in Sibiria.

But it was not like that. The Russian Flu took us and we had to cancel the tour in Ekaterinburg and go back to Moscow. Heinz-Erich Gödecke's concerts in Ekaterinburg, Satka, Novosibirsk und Krasnojarsk were cancelled.
This time, he only performed in Arkhangelsk and Moscow.
Konzerthalle in Chelyabinsk
The concert in Chelyabinsk was cancelled by the local organizers, Nosferatu is not backthe Philharmony. The reason: The concert hall, a former church, is used by a christian community regularely. This group did not accept the performance of the old silent movie "Nosferatu" by W. Murnau, for them a vampire story in a churchhouse was a big scandal. The organizer, just like us, underestimated the strong religiosity of some people in Russia now.
But I can report some events and I can show you some winter impressions:

Igor Gavrilov and Connie Müller-Gödecke in Jaroslavl
22° Celsius minus, but in good mood:
Igor Gavrilov and Connie Müller-Gödecke in Jaroslavl

Igor Gavrilov: the 50th birthday of a russian jazz legend!!

The Golden Ring of RussiaPereslavl-Zaleski and Jaroslavl:
a tour to the Golden Ring (58 kb)

everyday life in a russian winter
a foto report(88 kb)

the Terterian - Festival in Ekaterinburg

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