Siberia - Sleeping Country, Tuva and the Altai

Süd-SibirienTheses pages contain information, travel reports, music, culture of the continent Siberia.

1993 I traveled to Siberia for the first time, came to the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk, crossed the river Ob, reached the river Jenesseij, participated at at festival in Krasnojarsk and came to the Republic Tuva

From that time, I am fascinated. I got an impression of this great country and I want to learn more. The siberian north, cold, hostile, the culture of the siberian ethnic groups and ethnic populations, the siberian ocean Baikal and the south with his borders to the steppes of central asia...

2002, I was invited to the Altai. Mountains with more than 130 glaciers, 1000 rivers, many different languages, once more a region with new, unknown culture (beside the wellknown russian culture...).
The Festival Chivaja Wode opened new doors for me.

For some years now I am dreaming of a big trip through Siberia, on a boat from the White Sea to the delta of the Jenisseij, than up the river to Krasnojarsk, to the Lake Baikal, to the South, the Altai... who knows, some day I will be able to make this tour.

Find out about the culture, the nature, the music, the people of Siberia!

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