Tarbagan Rises on the Earth

1996 lernte ich Todoriki Masahiko kennen, als er aus den USA nach Hamburg geflogen kam, um einem Konzert von Sainkho Namtchylak beiwohnen zu können. Riki studiert Biologie in Osaka, reist um die Welt, kommt immer wieder nach Tuva, studiert die Folklore und die Sprache dieses Landes und ist Mitglied der japanischen ThroatSinging - Society.

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Nun hat er die CD Tarbagan Rises on the Earth zusammen mit Saga Haruhiko herausgebracht. Diese CD ist so verwunderlich, daß ich ihm per Email eine ganze Reihe Fragen gestellt habe, die er mir bereitwillig beantwortet hat.

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thank you very much for the CD! I listened to it some times now and I am really astonished about your singing!
I am sure some people will ask where to get this CD and I looked at the booxbox-homepage, but I cannot read it Is there a chance to order it somewhere?

It will be soon available the CD from Friends of Tuva for US$15.

Tarbagan Rises to the Earth

Did I understand it correct, that you and Haruhiko Saga made all the music?

Yes, you are right. Our unit named Tarbagan. Though, we didn't make original song for it. All we did is to "fuse" Tuvan-Mongolian-Japanese tradition.

Do the two photos on the first inner page show you in tuvinian costumes?
Did you perform in Tuva?

The costumes of mine is Tuvans "ton". Haruhiko's are Mongolian. I still shortly performed for a thousand audience including the President Oorzhak in the Drama theatre Kyzyl, Tuva, last summer.

How did you learn the tuvan language to sing it?
What does Tarbagan mean and why did you name the CD like this?

Oh, that's good question! So many Tuvan's help me to know the lyrics and to make me some "chat" in Tuvan. I'm gonna be more skilful about this language later. Now, I'm writing Tuvan grammar book in Japanese, besides my scientific work. This must be first Tuvan text in this country.
Tarbagan means marmot, in Mongolian and Tuvan. Haruhiko keeps tracks on Mongolian music, and so do I Tuvans. We want to name our unit Mongolian-Tuvan word in common, and "Tarbagan" is one of that. The creature is kind of funny and bit silly billy, so we like it name on.

Riki, congratulations to this CD! It is great work!

 Todoriki Masahiko

Todoriki Masahiko

SAGA Haruhiko
Weitere Infos zu dieser CD:
produced by Tarbagan & Wookie Tahara (BooxBox)
Engineered by Nagamachi Tomoyuki
recorded at Arena of Geijyutsu-no-Mori, Sapporo,
on February 15th, 1998
Computing by Wookie Tahara
Photos by Todoriki Masahiko and Wookie Tahara

  Information: http://www.mmjp.or.jp/booxbox

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MP3 Bogh Dondjin-Garav / Chyraa-Khoor
Mongolian trad. / Tuvan trad., 5:30

Eki A'ttar
Tuvan trad., 2:50

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