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Dear friends of Avantart!

I am back from a very intensive journey to Russia and Armenia and slowly I find the time to sort my impressions.

The intense and happy days in Armenia seem to be stronger than the memories of the time in Russia, sad events loose their bitterness slowly.

But I do no want to forget the bitter experiences we made in Pushkin, I was hit too hard by the destruction of my exposition at the Kukart-Festival there, and the situation of my beloved Theater-Academy INTERSTUDIO is very desolate.

More about that later.

1700 years Christian Armenia: this jubilee is celebrated the year long in Armenia. 301 A.D. christianity was declared the official religion and today it is it again. All people which we met are moved by this jubilee and the musical schedule is filled with wonderful concerts, festivals and more:

HE Gödecke and Reinhart Hammerschmidt in front of 'their poster'I listened to the Festival of Spiritual Music with a concert of the Komitas-State-Quartet, the Sharakans of Anna Mailian and the Hover-Choir and I listened to the birthday concert of the great armenian composer Edvard Mirzoyan, who celebrated his 80th birthday.

Unfortunately the 3rd SymphonyAvet Terterians, planned to take place at the Cascade in the centre of Erivan, could not be performed because of technical difficulties.

Reinhart Hammerschmidt and Heinz-Erich Gödecke performed together with Gevorg Dabakhian, duduk, Anna Maillian, vocal, and Nare Haykazian, dance, in the Chamber-Theatre, July 5.

Armenia is not only music.We travelled to the Lake Sevan, stayed in the house of Avet Terterian, we went to Dilidjan in the mountains to visit the House of Composers, we visited the church of Geghard, cut into the rocks, and we were invited to the monastery Chor Virap, I went to Edchmiadzin and I was invited to the house of Silva in Vedi.

I will present you soon the stations of our tour to Armenia and I want to introduce you to the friends of the organisation SAGMOS, who organised our time in Erivan and who became very close friends.

these photos give a first impression of our tour....

Anthrazit in Russia

ANTHRAZIT: Gabriel Coburger, Björn Lücker, Andreas Henze and Heinz-Erich Gödecke!

ANTHRAZIT toured in Russia in June 2001: Gigs in Moscow, mit Vladimir Chekassin, at the Jazzcenter Jaroslavl and during the festival Kukart in Puschkin near to St. Petersburg and in St. Petersburg.

There will be tour report here soon.

Igor GavrilovJazz-Center Jaroslavl February 1999, we toured in Russia as well and came to Jaroslavl at the Volga and so we could participate at the birthday party of Igor Gavrilov.

At that time he told us about his new jazz center, which was under construction then.

Now we came with ANTHRAZIT for a concert and the Jazz-Center was ready. Igor Gavrilov showd me everything proudly. It is impressive what a strong will can make possible.

"I have only two words: Thank You and Please," that's how he describes his way and so he can move mountains and erect a jazz-center.

This Center will be presented here more intensively as well.

That I am very close to the theatre-academy INTERSTUDIO in Puschkin/ St. Petersburg is obvious and you can find many information about this institution at AVANTART. Since my first participation at the Festival KUKART in 1993 I accompanied this academy, I supported it's work and documentated it here at Avantart.

Last year the Academy celebrated it's 10th year and this is also documentated at AVANTART.

I was very happy to come again to Puschkin and to the actual festival KUKART V, which was scheduled from the 22th of June to the 6th of July, and I prepared a photo-installation especially for this festival. I also was curious to learn about the new situation of the Academy as it was planned to concentrate on postgraduate-studies now.

The more surprised I was as I noticed after our arrival that the festival should start at July 3rd. There was only one street-theatre-performance on June 22 at the inofficial opening.

Gigs for Anthrazit were promised to take place in St. Petersburg, but they better should not perform at KUKART. And at first there was no space for my exhibition..

The spirit of INTERSTUDIO seemed to be gone, and we had to understand that our contribution to the festival was not very much apreciated.

nothing to say anymore So the topic of my photo-installation just fitted to this athmosphere: posle golosa... (nothing to say anymore...)

June 26, Heinz-Erich Gödecke realized a concert of Anthrazit as part of the festival program in the house of the academy, against all difficulties and at the same day my exhibition was shown the first time.

Unfortunately only for a short time. I had to realize after the concert, that nearly all of the photo-arrangements were stolen from the walls. My project was destroyed before people could see it..

A brutal and egoistic act which hurts me very much.

I experienced the last days in Pushkin as days of farewell from a beloved place. I had to accept that time went by at INTERSTUDIO. There is a rough wind. Art is weak, now, there.

Sainkho's contact adress is updated on her site.


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