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Nosferatu is back

Nosferatu is back

Russia ahead!
Our upcoming tour to Siberia

Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

Cecil Taylor will be 70

Jazzthetik online!

KnittingFactory goes Berlin

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Search through the years!

Dear Friends of Avantart!

Nosferatu is back - Tour MapA new tour will start february 6, 1999: Nosferatu is back, Heinz-Erich Gödecke on his way from Moscow to Siberia!

Heinz will perform solo, he will perform with the video NOSFERATU by Murnau, and he will play with AMA Jazz, musicians / friends from Ekaterinburg, and NXA, friends / musicians from Chelyabinsk.

The idea for this arose when we heard that there will be a festival in Ekaterinburg, in honor of Avet Terterian. I wanted to go there, listen to the concerts, meet Irina Terterian, get some interviews, find material for the Terterian WebSite.

Our manager, Nikolai Dmitriev, did a great job to arrange the tour. He packed a lot of concerts around this event. So Heinz-Erich Gödecke will start on February 5 to Moscow and fly to Arkhangelsk. I will join him on the way back to Moscow, in Yaroslavl.

A concert in Moscow, then we will Go East: ChebakulAfter the Festival in Ekaterinburg, where Heinz-Erich will perform with AMA-Jazz at the Contemporary Art Center, in the frame of the festival (!), we will go to the Southern Ural, to meet the friends of NXA. Chelyabinsk and Satka will be our stops. (On the way to Satka we will pass by Chebakul, a spa, worldfamous for its wonderful postcards!).
I planned to cross the river OB in Novosibirsk, walking over the ice, but as we have only very short time there, I will cross the river by train....

Medhermeneutics: CARKrasnojarsk will be the most eastern point of this tour and there I am sure, I will cross the River Yenisey.

My goal for this tour: Listen to great music, meet the people who love Terterian's music, learn from them, meet friends, find out about the actual situation in Russia, enjoy the snow, to satisfy my russian homesickness, tape interviews with musicians and composers, documentate the winter trip with digital camera, Minolta and minidisk-recorder and and and...

Medhermeneutics: TRAINWe will travel by bus, plane, train.....

Russia is full of surprises, so I will know about this tour when we are back!

Avet Terterian 
The Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg, February 12 - 14, 1999:

I promoted this festival here at Avantart sometimes now, and now I go there. So you will find my report next month at

Cecil TaylorCecil Taylor will celebrate his 70th birthday March 25, 1999. And he will be in Germany at this time. So, for sure, I will be at his concert in Hamburg. And for sure I will report on this at Avantart, there will be a birthday surprise for him here!

Here are the tour dates (dates may change....)

Cologne:  March 21, 1999
Hamburg:  March 25, 1999
Berlin:   April l-3, 1999

JazzthetikSome Web-URLs have been a mystery for me for a long time. One of them was As many of you know, Jazzthetik is the german jazzmagazine. My first articles were published there, before I went online.

Well, I found their website last year, but it was only a dummy: Just a frozen page, no new content, everytime I came back, time stood still, April 97 forever!

Now they announced the Launch of www.JAZZTHETIK.DE and it is really online! At least they present the 12'98/1'99-edition. So go there and have a look yourself, it is one of the interesting papers!

They are looking for links and infos, so here is their eMail-adress:

Knitting Factory goes Berlin!

I just found this announce at their relaunched WebSite, that there are plans to install a local factory in Berlin, in cooperation with Stadtgarten from Cologne.

Good luck! And bring some good music, but don't kill the existing venues!

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