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Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

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MAMU VI, Butoh Festival in Göttingen

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Happy New Year! Dear Friends of Avantart!

Let me send you my best whishes for 1999! Let us try to fill this year with energy, cultural life and mutual understanding!

Yours, Cornelie Müller-GÖdecke

Terterian Festival in Ekaterinburg

A festival in honor of Avet Terterian is announced to happen in Ekaterinburg, february 1999. I will go there to and I will report on this festival. You can find the progam at: the december 98 page.

Our plans to go to Ekaterinburg get more and more realistic. A concert tour will bring us to Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnojarsk, and maybe to Arkhangelsk as well. Just now, our manager Nikolai Dmitriev is valuating our plans and arranging the tour. There will be a report, for sure, reflecting the concerts of Heinz-Erich Gödecke, the Terterian Festival and the winter in Siberia!

You will find more information on Avet Terterian and this festival as well at

Get your eMail from everywhere in the world!

Now it is not longer necessary to change the eMail-adress to access your eMail from everywhere in the mail through a WWW Browser. You can keep your eMail-adress and there is no need for or other eMail-WWW-Servers anymore!

I think the Avantart Roaming Service is a very helpful tool for traveling artists!

I installed a worldwide eMail-Roaming system at All you need to use it is:
  • WWW - Access from anywhere in the world (internet café, friends pc or a company office)
  • your LogIn-ID of your local eMail-provider
  • your Password of your local eMail-access
  • the name of your of your local Mail-Server

If you configure your eMail-account, that the messages stay on the mail-server and that they are not deleted after downloading, you can work with the same eMail-messages at home and abroad.

The Avantart Roaming eMail Service comes in three flavours:

  1. using frames and Cookies
  2. no frames, no cookies
  3. a plain text version

You can decide that your mail messages will not be cached by the browser, so securaty and privacy are guaranteed!

The script is a modified version of the Endymion MailMan Script by Endymion Corporation:


MAMU VI, Butoh-Festival in Göttingen

Sabine Seume

The 6th MAMUButoh Festival will take place in January in Göttingen, Germany. Here is the program and some information about the participating artists.


News worldwide and some updates

  1. My music directory changed again: not it works with Javascript

  2. There is a new booking adress for Urna Chahartugchi, the mongolian singer

  3. Bliss Records, the people who organised the Sergey Kuryokhin Festival in NY in May 1998, now announced a documentary on this event:

    "SKIF2", D. Gelfand - camera, editing. D. Gross - producer. 30 min, 1998.

    The documentary film features interviews with and performances by the festivalís stellar line-up of performers, among them:

    Vladimir Tarasov[LIT],
    Marilyn Crispell,
    Christian Marclay,
    Otomo Yoshihide[JAPAN],
    Andrei Bitov [RUS] ( reciting poems of A. Pushkin),
    Borah Bergman,
    Thomas Buckner,
    Daniel Rayskin [NL](performing "Abii Ne Vederem", Gia Kancheli, Conductor
    Garyth Nair),
    Anatole Gerasimov[RUS],
    Cyro Baptista [Brazil],
    Peter Brötzmann[DE],
    KOLIBRI[RUS], and many more.

  4. There is a new link to Rising Tones Cross, a jazzfilm by Ebba Jahn, at Peter Kowald's page

  5. Hans Kumpf wrote an interesting article about Polish- German Jazz Relations for the yearbook of the german Poland - Institute. This article is online as well: This article is in german language.

  6. Trudy Morse,

    born traveller and muse, updated her WebSite.

    If you want to meet one of the most impressive women in the World of Jazz, give her a visit! She is a poet, a performer, a musician's companion, a good friend. In the last time, she toured with Pauline Oliveros and Cecil Taylor and she performed the lyrics of Hildegard von Bingen.

    Trudy Morse
  7. For those of you, who are interested in Trombonists, there is a WebSite by Rene Laanen: ABSOLUTE TROMBONE, full of information, links, graphic files and colors

    It is worth a visit, for sure!

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